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Stationery Packs

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Home office stationery Pack


Need office stationery items for your home or office? Statesman Stationery has create a pack that will have everything you need.
Our range of high quality, durable stationery items are essential to any office at an affordable price.

2 Red Supa Click Pens, 2 Black Supa Click Pens, 2 Blue Supa Click Pens, 1 Easy Tear Clear tape, Blak eraser 3 pack, 35g Blak Glue stick, Statesman staples 26/6 5000 6mm x 12.7mm, Metal half strip classic stapler, 12 tri-grip rubber tip pencils, 1 Tack it Prestick, 1 pack yellow stick-em pad, 1 Titanium blade scissor, Supa Bright highlighter assorted 4 pack, Whiteboard Marker assorted 4 pack

Home stationery Pack


This pack covers every home with all the essential stationery requirements.

Whats in the box:

2 x Supa click black pens, 2 x Supa click Blue pens, 2 x Supa click Red pens, 1 Stapler, Eraser, Scissor, invisible tape , Lead pencil, correction pen, HB lead for Pencil, Highlighter 4 pack and pencil case

Office Stationery Mega Pack


Our Mega office stationery Pack will suit all you office stationery requirements

What’s in the box:

 50 Supa Click Black Pens,  50 Supa Click Red Pens, 50 Supa Click blue Pens,  10 Easy Tear Clear tape, Blak eraser 3 pack, 35g Blak Glue stick, Statesman staples 26/6 5000 6mm x 12.7mm, Metal half strip classic stapler, 12 tri-grip rubber tip pencils, 1 Tack it Prestick, 5 pack yellow stick-em pad, 1 Titanium blade scissor, Supa Bright highlighter assorted 4 pack, Whiteboard Marker Assorted 4 pack

Teachers Semester Stationery pack


All the stationery you will need to get you through a semester

This Pack includes:
2 x Supa click black pens, 2 x Supa click Blue pens, 2 x Supa click Red pens, 3 Blak erasers, Metallic Star labels 440 pack, Scissor, Blak Glue Stick, Whiteboard markers 4 pack, Highlighter 4 pack and 12 HB pencils

Stationery Set Gift 4 Piece BARGAIN!!!!!!!!!!


A functional gift set that comprises of two pre-sharpened pencils, a soft eraser, and a high-quality sharpener. The pencils have HB hardness level for smooth and dark writing or drawing.

Stationery Set Gift 5 Piece (BARGAIN!!!!!!!)


5 Piece stationery set comprising of two HB pencils in pre-sharpened form, one eraser, one sharpener, and one ruler. Makes a great gift set for students.

Stationery Set Gift 8 Piece (BARGAIN!!!!!!!)


Statesman’s 8 piece stationery set is a great gifting option for school children. The set contains 2 pencils, a pen, eraser, ruler, small scissor, and tape.

2 in 1 Whiteboard and chalkboard with accessories


Adjust the easel according to age (1-4)
12 pack multicolour chalk
4 pack assorted whiteboard markers
2 in 1 whiteboard and chalkboard eraser
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20 Piece Stationery Kit with Free Delivery


This beautifully packed 20-piece gift pack presented in a zipper bag is a wonderful gift for a child.

The gift back consists of the following items:

1x A5 72 page note book / 12 pack white chalk / 12 pack coloured chalk / 4 pack white board markers / 2-in-1 sharpener and eraser / 30cm ruler / 4 pack assorted colour highlighters / 12 water colour paint set / Pair of safety scissors / 9 piece math set / 1x permanent marker black / 12 pack crayons assorted colours / 2 pack red gel pens / 2 pack blue gel pens / 1x correction pen / 12 pack pencils assorted colours / 12 pack koki’s assorted colours / 10 pack HB pencils / Waxy sticks assorted colours

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47 Piece Kids Art Kit with Free Delivery


This beautifully packed 5-piece crafter gift pack will make a wonderful gift for a child.

The gift bag consists of the following items:

4 pack assorted colour highlighters / 18 pack Jumbo Twist all in one crayon twists / Blak glue Stick /12 Poster paint set / 12 pack Paint in a brush set.

DELIVERY: FREE all-over South Africa