Whiteboard Instruments

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Dust Cloth Yellow 33x33cm


Large yellow cloth for dusting and wiping. This soft cloth can be used to clean chalkboards and whiteboards. These are also good for regular dusting.

Whiteboard/chalkboard Delux Easle Adjustable for Kids


This two-in-One chalkboard and whiteboard comes with adjustable knobs for adjusting the height of board according to the kid’s convenience.

Whiteboard Eraser With Magnet New Assorted Colors


Use this easy to wipe Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser for a clean slate while the magnet ensures you never misplace it again. The eraser comes in 4 assorted colors.

Eraser Large Magnetic Dry Wipe White Board


Erase with ease with this large magnetic dry wipe white board eraser. The magnetic tendency helps it stick on the surface of the white board, so that you do not lose them.