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Chalkboard wall sticker rolls 2m Peel and dispose


Self Adhesive Chalkboard peel and stick decal

Want to get super creative? Always have an idea on your mind and hate to lose that thought without jotting it down? Are you tired of having the kids draw on the walls or going through reams of paper while making messes? Here is the perfect solution to all these problems. Turn any smooth surface into a blackboard: simply cut into the desired size and attach to walls or cupboards. This is perfect for kids rooms and kitchens

includes 5 pieces of chalk

Chalkboard Heavy Duty 60×90 Cm


Easy to erase, this chalkboard will make learning fun for your child. This light in weight chalkboard offers easy installation.

Eraser Magnetic Whiteboard and Chalkoard 2 in 1 Eva


This specially formulated magnetic eraser can clear off the writings on your chalkboard as well as white board. Has an ergonomic design and can be used at home, office, or schools.

Chalkboard 1 Meter T Square Ruler


T Square ruler of 1 meter length for easy drawing. Designed for use with chalkboards. Light in weight. Suitable for use by students and professionals.

Whiteboard/Chalkboard 2 in 1 A4 Size for Kids


A double-sided board that makes learning so much fun for your kid. Features blackboard on one side and white board on the other. Comes in A4 size for easy handling.

Chalkboard Double Sided School Slate Blackboard With Plastic Frame A4 Size


Make learning fun for your kid with this double sided slate blackboard. Features check guides on one side and plain on the other. Lightweight and provides a better grip.

Chalkboard Wood Framed 30 X 40 Cm


Ensure hours of learning and fun for your child with this sturdy chalk board. Featuring a wood frame, this chalkboard boasts of a compact size.

Chalkboard A4 Pencil Slate (Use Normal Pencil and Eraser) BARGAIN!!!!!!!


A specially constructed A4 size pencil slate board that enables you to write on it with a pencil and clear off with an eraser. Comes with a lined front and checked back.

Whiteboard/Chalkboard 2 in 1 A4 size for kids


This combination of white and black board makes it easy to note down important pointers. This lightweight board is easy to install and use.

Chalkboard and Whiteboard Kiddies 2in1 on a Sturdy Stand


Get this 2-in-1 combo of chalkborad and whiteboard for your little humans and let them learn with ease. This combo comes with a sturdy stand and tray to keep dusters, chalk and markers

Whiteboard/chalkboard Delux Easle Adjustable for Kids


This two-in-One chalkboard and whiteboard comes with adjustable knobs for adjusting the height of board according to the kid’s convenience.