Chalkboard Instruments

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Chalkboard Duster/eraser Extra Large


Jumbo size chalkboard duster with thick felt for better chalk absorption and cleaning power. Features new design with grooves on the surface for efficient cleaning.

Chalkboard 1 Meter Plastic Compass


Produced with the ease and comfort of teachers in mind, this one meter compass is crafted from the best quality plastic for durability. It also comes with a slot and screw to hold chalk of any size.

Chalkboard 30 Degree Set Square 65cm Plastic


Right-angled set square made from premium quality plastic for fulfilling user experience. It is 65 cm in length and comes with a handle.

Chalkboard 45 Degree Set Square 50cm Plastic


Teaching geometry made easy with 45 degrees set aware with a handle in the middle for best grip while explaining concepts on the chalkboard.

Chalkboard Protractor 50cm Plastic


Premium quality plastic protractor comes with an easy handle to hold while drawing on the chalkboard. It is 50 cm in length enabling easy visibility to even backbenchers.

Chalkboard Eraser Junior


Easy to grip and hold, this chalkboard eraser is suitable for kids of age groups 3 and above. This junior blackboard eraser will let them erase conveniently.

Chalkboard Eraser Kiddie Comfort


Crafted for the tiny humans to express their creativity and genius on a blackboard, this chalkboard eraser lets them erase with ease. The dimensions will enable a firm grip.

Chalkboard Ruler 1 Meter Plastic


1 meter long ruler, suitable for drawing lines on the blackboard. Made from best quality wood, the chalkboard ruler is long lasting.

Chalkboard Beechwood Ruler 1m


Wooden measuring ruler of 1 meter length. Made of beechwood, this ruler is designed for sturdiness and long-term use. A must-have stationery for architects and professionals.