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Chalk White 100s High Quality Dustless


Teach the conventional way with these unconventional, dustless chalks. This pack of 100 high quality chalks will leave the mark only on the board.

Chalk 100 Pack Assorted Colours


A pack of 100 colourful chalks neatly arranged in small compartments of 10. Colours like blue, pink, purple etc available.

Chalk White Pack of 12


Let your kids express their creativity on a chalkboard with this pack of 12 white chalks. It works on all surfaces and gives a smooth finish.

Chalk 100 Pack White


Chalk 100 Pack White


White chalk with smooth finish to ensure no more annoying and clingy chalk sounds. Dimensions are tested for perfect grip.

Chalk Colour 12’s


Bring out the creativity of your child by letting them use these colourful chalks. This pack of 12 colourful chalks can be used at home or at school.

Chalk Giant Pavement


Let your kids express their creativity with these chunky and giant pavement chalks. These can also be used on blackboard and are very easy for your young ones to use.