Permanent Markers

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Permanent Black Markers 5 Pack Black


A set of five bullet-tip black markers featuring premium quality, non-toxic ink that instantly dries on paper. Can be used on multiple surfaces to create permanent lines.

Permanent Markers 5 Pack Assorted


A quintessential set of five assorted markers featuring a fine bullet tip for clean lines. Works on multiple surfaces for creating permanent marks using premium, fast-drying ink that is non-toxic and odour free.

Permanent Marker Black 10 Pack


Perfect to write on all types of surfaces, this set of 10 permanent markers are a worthy buy. This marker has a non-toxic ink which is odour-free.

Permanent Marker Blue 10 Pack


Label your things perfectly using this set of 10 permanent markers. These markers can be used on all types of surfaces and are completely safe.

Permanent Marker Green 10 Pack


With no offensive odour, this set of 10 permanent markers are completely safe. You can use these markers to label your things perfectly.

Permanent Marker Red 10 Pack


Ideal to be used on most surfaces, this permanent marker set is a must-have for every living space. This set of 10 red markers has no offensive odour.

Permanent Marker Blue Singles Carded New


A premium quality permanent marker with blue ink. Use it to mark your documents in a smooth and convenient manner. It dries up quickly and prevents smudging.

Permanent Marker Green Singles Carded New


This permanent marker with green ink is suitable for use on all kinds of surfaces. Keep it handy at home and office to resolve your marking worries.

Permanent Marker Red Singles Carded New


Go for this marker when you want to mark documents or any other item for long term. It comes with red ink and is smooth to use on almost all surfaces.

Fabric Markers 6 Piece BARGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pack of 6 excellent quality fabric markers in vibrant colours. Use them to give a makeover to your apparels, sneakers, or simply to make your arts and crafts projects more attractive.

Metallic Markers 6 Pack Assorted Colours


A pack of 6 metallic markers in assorted colours. Colourful and funky, these pen markers can add shimmer to your work in a jiffy. Great for arts and crafts projects.

Permanent Marker Flex Office Twin Cd Marker Black Singles


Label your compact disks with these flex office markers. The ink is compact disk friendly and does not rub off. Recap them after usage for longevity.