Koki Felt Tip Pens

Koki Felt Tip Pens

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Koki Felt Tip Pens 12 Pack


Pack of 12 felt tip pens ensuring bright and intense colours. These colour-rich pens are smooth to use and long-lasting. Ideal for colouring books, arts and crafts,

Koki Blak High Quality 12s


Get ready to enjoy hours of creative fun with this pack of colour pens. Non-toxic and washable, they are safe for use even by the kids.

Koki Blak High Quality 24s


A complete set of 24 colour pens to add a vibrant touch to your artwork. These washable pens are non-toxic in nature and can be used by kids also.

Koki Felt Tip Pens 24 Pack


A jumbo pack of 24 felt tip pens featuring primary and secondary colours. High in quality and functionality, these pens can be used to enrich your art projects with ease.