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Highlighter Ultra bright 4 Pack


Make important text stand out with these assorted highlighters that are 30% brighter than regular highlighters. Quick-drying ink lets you work uninterrupted without creating a mess.

4 colours in a set

Highlighter Ultra-bright Green


Bright green highlighter with non-toxic, fast-dry ink. Use for precisely highlighting important text. Delivers 30% brighter results compared to regular highlighters.

Highlighter Ultra-bright Orange


Superior quality highlighter in sunny orange shade for 30 times brighter marks than regular highlighters. Comes with non-toxic, fast-drying ink that is copier and inkjet safe.

Highlighter Ultra-bright Pink


Premium highlighter that is designed to provide 30% brighter results than normal highlighters. Features ink-technology for smooth ink glide and ensures quick drying on the surface.

Highlighter Ultra-bright Yellow


Yellow highlighter featuring premium, fast-drying ink that provides 30% brighter results as compared to normal markers. New formula produces marks that remain visible on photocopies.

Highlighter Waxy Blue (3405)


Highlighting important pointers will be simplified when you use this no-dry highlighter. Featuring a twist function, this highlighter is easy to use.

Highlighter Waxy 5 Piece Pack


Ensure bright highlighting with this pack of 5 crayon highlighters in assorted colours. Use these smooth, non-bleeding highlighters for your school projects, office works, or personal tasks.

Highlighter Waxy Pink (3429)


A waxy crayon type highlighter in pink colour that you can use as crayons! This highlighter works on twist-type principle and does not dry, making it last long.

Highlighter Waxy Yellow (3412)


A single pack of crayon type highlighter in bright yellow colour. This twisty type highlighter is non-toxic and does not dry, ensuring you long-term use.

Highlighter Waxy Green (3436)


A crayon type highlighter in green colour that assures excellent highlighting. Made from advanced technology that prevents drying and ensures long life. Easy to use, twisty-type highlighter.

Highlighter Waxy Orange (3443)


A Orange waxy crayon type highlighter that can be used as crayon too. A twisty-type highlighter, it does not dry, assuring long-term use. Non-toxic, handy, and easy to use.

Highlighter Supa Bright Yellow Ink Pen Type


Fulfill your highlighting needs easily with this pen type highlighter. Equipped with yellow ink, this highlighter assures smooth action every time. Ticks the box for durability as well.

Highlighter Supa-bright Blue Ink Pen Type


A fine quality pen type highlighter with bright blue ink. Ensures smooth and smudge-free highlighting action. Durable tip for long lasting use.

Highlighter Supa-bright Green Ink Pen Type


Trendy pen type highlighter with green ink for bright highlighting action. Equipped with a durable tip that ensures smudge-resistant action. Suitable for professional or personal uses.

Highlighter Supa-bright Orange Ink Pen Type


This new orange ink pen type highlighter is a must-have accessory for your stationery box. It ensures quick and easy highlighting action at the stroke of a tip. Smudge-resistant and long-lasting.

Highlighter Supa-bright Pink Ink Pen Type


Super bright pen type highlighter with pink ink for maximum effect. Comes with a durable tip that checks smudging and provides accurate highlighting action. Easy to use and carry around.

Highlighter Supa-bright Purple Ink Pen Type


An impressive pen type highlighter featuring purple ink that never fails to attract attention. Easy to grip and use, this highlighter provides smudge-free action. Features a durable tip.