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Clay Blak Waxy Doodle Sticks (same as Clay)special Offer


Let your child create interesting doodle with the help of these doodle sticks. Available in different colours, this set is easy to use.

Crayons 24 Pack Standard


A pack of 24 premium-quality wax crayons. Features primary and secondary colours. These crayons ensure brilliant colours and are non-toxic in nature.

Crayons 8 Pack of Jumbo


Pack of 8 premium grade extra-large crayons. Featuring 10 mm size, these non-toxic wax crayons ensure smooth and bright colours. Easy to grip and lasts longer.

Crayons Tri Shape Standard 12’s


A pack of standard crayons that assure vibrant colours for your artworks. Features triangular grip for easy handling and application. Non-toxic and safe to use.

Crayons Super Jumbo 12 Pack


A set of 12 jumbo size wax crayons exhibiting finest quality. With 14mm size, these non-toxic crayons are easy to grasp and control. Results in vibrant colours.

Crayons 48 Pack Standard


Pack of 48 crayons boasting of finest quality and vibrant colours. These non-toxic wax crayons are long lasting and feature a mix of primary and secondary colours.

Crayons Tri Shape Jumbo 12’s


This crayon pack consists of 12 jumbo crayons in assorted colours. Non-toxic in nature, they ensure smooth and vibrant colours. Features triangular grip for ease of use.

Crayons Twist Retractable Standard 12s


Set of 12 superior quality retractable wax crayons that ensure vibrant colours. These non-toxic crayons can be easily adjusted by turning the bottom of the cap.

Crayons Junior Finger Grip for toddlers


Designed keeping the tiny hands in mind, this crayon set of 12 vibrant colours offers a perfect grip. Easy to use, these crayons are meant for your kid.

Crayons 12 Pack Standard


A pack of 12 non-toxic wax crayons. These high quality crayons ensure smooth and brilliant colors. Lightweight and absolutely safe to use.

Crayons Mini Twist Retractable


A cute set of 8 mini crayons in vibrant colours. Designed with retractable technology, they are easy to use. Ensures many happy hours of colouring for your kids.

Crayons Super Jumbo Twist Retractable High Quality 12s


Simple to use, these crayons can be twisted to advance or retract. Crafted for the tiny hands, these vibrantly-coloured crayons are convenient to be held.

Crayons Jumbo Twist All in One Twistees 18pc


This beautiful set consists of 18 lipstick style tubes filled with bright colours, presented in an easy to carry box. 3-1 colour concept, dry pastels, wet watercolour and crayon rolled into one exciting art medium. The product is non-toxic, safe and convenient to use.

Crayons Standard Size 6s


Made of good quality material, these finest non-toxic wax crayons will keep your kid busy for long. Consisting of six vibrant colours, these wax crayons do not break easily.

Oil Pastels 24 Colours


Oil pastel crayon set of 24 colours ranging from intense to delicate pastel shades. These crayons are easy to apply and offer smooth results. Great choice for students and artists.