Technical Drawing Instruments

Technical Drawing Instruments

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Pencils Clutch Mechanical Pencil With Rubber Grip 0.5mm


A precisely designed mechanical pencil with chrome tip and rubber grip. Just press the button lightly for the fine 0.5 mm lead to advance automatically to ensure smooth, break-free writing.

Pencils Clutch High Quality Mechanical Pencil 0.7mm


Use this quality mechanical pencil with 0.7 mm lead for fine writing work. Designed for optimum writing pleasure, it features a triangular grip padded with rubber and a soft press-button to advance the lead automatically.

Pencils HB Lead for Clutch 0.5mm


Statesman box containing dark, high-quality, break-resistant HB lead for 0.5 mm clutch pencil. Good for fine, academic writing.

Pencils HB Clutch Lead 0.7mm


Dark, 0.7 mm HB quality lead with break resistance for continuous jet black lines. Use with Statesman mechanical clutch pencil for a pleasurable writing experience.

Rulers 30cm Detachable to Insert Photos Etc


You can design your ruler by inserting the picture of your wish. It has a clip on cover that can be removed for insertion and replacing paper.

Pencils 3 Piece Lead for Technical Drawing


Perfect to be used for technical drawing, this pencil set makes a worthy buy. This easy to use pencils offer precise and dark lines.

Math Set Harvard Budget 9 Piece


Solving your geometry problems becomes easy when you have this 9-piece Math tool set. This high-quality set is designed for durability and to ensure ease of use for the students.

Math Set 9 Piece Budget Basic


Finish your maths projects easily with this 9 piece math set. This maths-essential stationery set is an assortment of colorful maths tools that are durable and easy to store or carry around.

Stencil Technical Nuts and Bolt


Containing the symbols and shapes of bolts, this stencil is the right choice for architectural planning. You can design different layouts using this stencil.

Stencil Technical Architectural


Come up with a perfect floor plan or layout pattern with the help of this architectural stencil. Consisting of all the important shapes, this stencil is highly functional.

Stencil Technical Circle


Containing shapes of circles along with symbols, this stencil is easy to use. Made using transparent material, this stencil offers perfect visibility while working.

Stencil Technical Drawing


Boasting of transparency, this stencil lets you view your drawing. Lending easy positioning, this stencil is light in weight and convenient to be carried.

Stencil Technical Electrical


Ideal for electrical component drawing, this stencil offers precise and accurate drawing experience. The tapered edges offer matchless efficiency and easy handling.

Stencil Technical Set Flow Chart


Diagram networks accurately and easily using this flowchart stencil. Made of shatterproof plastic, this stencil is light in weight and easy to use.

Stencil Technical Oval


This technical stencil makes a worthy buy for architects and artists. Comprising of different sizes of oval shapes, this stencil offers perfect shapes every time.

French Curves 3pc


Create detailed and precise work with the help of this French curve ruler. This set of three rulers help in drawing ellipses and irregular curves.

Technical Drawing Board A3 Basic


A sturdy drawing board designed for durability and long-term use. Features guide rails and rapid set square for accuracy in technical drawings. Suitable for students and professionals.

Compass Set Technical Drawing Small 1 piece


This springbow compass will come in handy for all the engineering students who have engineering drawing this semester. Excellent quality compass for technical drawings.

Technical Drawing Board A3 Deluxe Includes Instruments


Robust A3 drawing board that ensures reliable results in technical drawings. Comes with scale, set square, ruler, and two holders for stand. High-quality construction.

Compass Set Technical Drawing 7 Piece 4705864669079


This set includes seven pieces including a compass, graphite lead, sharpener, Equip yourself with these, before your next technical drawing class.

Compass Set Technical Drawing 7 Piece


Attain precision while drawing with this set of seven tools. This set includes compass, extension arm, pen clamp,

Compass Set Technical Drawing 6 Piece (8843)


This compass set is the primary requirement of all the students enrolled in technical education such as core engineering branches and architecture. This set includes compass, graphite lead and sharpener.

Compass Set Technical Drawing 8 piece


This eight piece technical drawing set is necessary for every engineering and architecture student. This set includes divider, compass,

Compass Set Technical Drawing 1 piece Large


Draw perfect circles using this springbow compass. Ideal for both school and college going students, this compass is made of good quality material.

Compass Set Technical Drawing 6 Piece


Handy and useful for architects and alike professionals, this set consisting of six pieces of art essentials is made of good quality material. Easy to use, it is a must-have.

Technical Drawing Board A2 Professional Spring Type


Sturdy, this spring type technical drawing board is meant for professional-grade drawing. Featuring a spring lock, this board unit offers easy and quick locking.

Compass Set Technical Drawing 9 Piece


This is a press to open case including nice precisely crafted tools such as compass, divider, extra graphite leads for replenishment purposes,

Compass Set Technical Drawing 9 Piece


Technical and Mathematical drawing requires a lot of precision and these tools will be very handy in attaining the best results.

Compass Set Technical Drawing 6 Piece


This six piece set is the key to precision while drawing projections in your next technical drawing class. This set includes divider, compass, lead, sharpener,

Compass Set Technical Drawing 9 Piece


Including all the basic things a student might require in their technical drawing class, this set is a must have. It includes things like pens, pencil, eraser, compass,