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Blue Flag Statesman


Searching for information and segregating them will be simple when you use this blue flag. This flag is perfect for marking important pages of your book.

Red Flag Statesman.


Classify the information for easy access with the help of this red flag. Easy to use, these flags are ideal for bookmarking the pages of your book.

Yellow Flag Statesman


Bookmark the page where you last left with the help of these flags. Easy to use, these flags do not damage the pages.

Yellow Stick Em Pads 5 Pack


Ensure that you do not forget things by placing reminders using these sticky notes. These notes have adhesive at the back which makes them easy to stick.

Colour Pastel Stick Em Pads 5 Pack


Leave messages and notes by writing on these sticky notes. These colourful notes are easy to stick on all surfaces and are non-staining.

Colour Neon Stick Em Pads 5 Pack


This pack contains 5 sticky note pads in assorted colours. Features non-staining, easy to peel reusable adhesive strip. Great for making lists, posting reminders, and writing messages.

Yellow Stick Em Pad Single Pack


Leave reminders and other important points by writing on these sticky notes. These notes do not stain and come with an adhesive at the back.

Colour Paper Pad 4 Pack


Pack of colour paper sticky notes to jot your to-dos and notes on the go. Backed with adhesive on one end, these quick-peel strips are great for home and office.

Colour Page Marker


Create reminders or note down important points using these colour page markers. This set of five vibrantly-coloured page markers can be used on all types of surfaces.

Sign Here Flags 25 Sheets Special Offer


This pack of 25 “sign here” self-adhesive sheets are very useful for official purposes. Peel this sheet from the pack and apply wherever necessary.

Gum Paper Square 20 sheet


Making an art project will be even more fun with these colored gum papers from Butterfly. This pack of 20 square sheets is easy to use and features good quality adhesive.

Stick File-a-note Sticky Pads


Get some color in your life with these colorful file-a-note stick on sheets. The sheets are available in 15 different color and sizes.

Stickers Pack of 440 Metallic Gold


8 sheets of high-quality, self-adhesive metallic stars for bulk art and craft projects. Premium product made from non-toxic material that is safe for use by children.

Stickers Pack of 440 Metallic Silver Stars


Embellish your school projects with these cute, self-adhesive silver stars that can be removed and used as required. This pack features 8 sheets containing 440 stars for art and craft projects.

Stickers Pack of 440 Neon Stars


Bright and beautiful self-adhesive neon stars in assorted colours. Pack contains 8 sheets of colourful stars for art work.

Stickers Pack of 192 Gold Trophy Labels


A pack of 192 scintillating gold trophy labels with encouraging messages. These sticker labels are easy to peel off and paste wherever desired. Great for arts and crafts, school projects,

Stickers Pack of 440 Metallic Star Labels


A mega pack of 440 metallic star labels in various colours. Ensures easy peel off and paste. Suitable for use in school projects or as part of arts and crafts assignments.

Stickers Silver Star


Decorate the nursery of your little one with these silver star stickers. This pack consists of 48 silver stars and will provide a soothing finish to their room.