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Staplers & Staples

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Stapler Set Mini


This high-quality mini stapler set from Statesman comes with 500 stapler pins. This compact and easy to carry stapler has been specially designed to fit into your pencil case.

Stapler Half Strip Plastic


Premium quality half strip stapler featuring a durable plastic body and sturdy metal chassis encased within it. This easy-to-use stapler is ideal for usual stapling tasks at office, school, or home.

Stapler Metal Half Strip Office


Metal half strip stapler with colorful and strong plastic exterior body. With its easy-to-use mechanism, this stapler makes a great addition to your office stationery collection.

Stapler Half Strip Plastic Single Channel


This is a sleek and compact single strip plastic stapler. This is very handy and can be carried in the pencil pouch too.

Stapler WEX Half Strip 26/6


Capable of stapling 16 sheets of paper at one go, this stapler is compact in size and easy to use. Crafted using the best quality plastic, this one is lightweight.

Stapler 200 sheet heavy duty


A heavy duty stapler that boasts of a durable body with smooth finish. Designed to staple up to 100 sheets at a time. Simple to use and ensures jam-free performance.

Stapler Full Strip Plastic WEX 26/6


A full strip stapler having a smooth, sturdy plastic body and metal chassis. Compatible with 26/6 staples. Boasts of an easy loading and operating mechanism.

Stapler WEX Compact 1/2 Strip 16 Sheet


Compact in size and light in weight, this stapler is easy to use. It will let you staple up to 20 sheets of paper in one go.

Stapler Full Strip Plastic Moderna 16 Sheet


Find it difficult to staple large documents? Then you need to get Statesman’s Mordena plastic stapler. This full-strip stapler can easily staple upto 16 pages of bond paper.

Stapler Full Strip Single Channel


A fine quality, full strip stapler with durable plastic body. Equipped with single channel for effortless loading and unloading. Handy, compact, and easy to use.

Stapler Metal Half Strip


A half strip metal stapler encased within a sturdy plastic body. Features a simple loading mechanism. Designed for frequent use at school, office, or home.

Stapler WEX Compact Full Strip Metal 16 Sheet


Stapling will no longer be a tedious process when you use this metal stapler. Sturdy and easy to use, this stapler is ideal for both office and home use.

Stapler Heavy Duty 160 Sheets With Safety Lock


A superior quality heavy duty stapler designed to offer jam-free performance. It has a stapling capacity of up to 160 sheets of paper. Features sturdy body and safety lock.

Stapler Full Strip Metal With Fixed Inner Channel


A precisely designed full strip metal stapler that has a fixed inner channel. Equipped with advanced technology, this stapler ensures accurate stapling action every time.

Stapler Half Metal Strip With Fixed Inner Channel


A half metal strip stapler featuring a sturdy body and fixed inner channel for better performance. Designed for effortless loading, unloading, and frequent use.

Stapler Half Strip Metal Classic 20 Sheet


Staple upto 20 sheets of paper without any fuss with Statesman’s Classic Metal Half Strip stapler. This half-strip stapler ensures all the sheets are kept firmly together.

Stapler WEX Half Strip Metal 26/6


Staple up to 20 sheets of papers at one go using this sturdy stapler. Featuring a comfortable handle, this stapler is compact in size and easy to carry.

Stapler WEX Heavy Duty 200 Sheet


Need to staple 200 sheets and don’t know how? It’s easy if you have the Statesman WEX heavy duty stapler. This jumbo stapler is a must-have item in every office.

Stapler Metal Full Strip


Superior quality full metal strip stapler designed to meet your stapling needs at work or at home. Ensures perfect stapling every time you use it.

Staple Remover (Lockable)


Remove the staples from your documents without tearing up the sheet with this lockable staple remover. This is a compact staple remover.

Stapler Metal Chrome Full Strip Bump


An innovatively designed full strip bump stapler with metal chrome body. Perfect for handling your stapling requirements at office or home. Sturdy enough to easily withstand frequent use.

Stapler Y1000 Metal Chrome Half Strip 20-30 Sheet


A half strip stapler with a sturdy metal chrome body. This heavy-duty stapler can easily bind together 20 to 30 sheets of paper. Perfect for your office stapling needs.

Stapler Y2000 Metal Chrome Full Strip


A full strip metal chrome stapler featuring fancy looks and sturdy body. With its easy loading and unloading abilities, this stapler makes a great choice for your frequent stapling needs.

Stapler Energy Saving Extreme Soft Touch


Save up to 30 percent energy, with this energy saving stapler. This stapler works on a very soft touch and also eliminates paper curls on stacked sheets.

Stapler Metal Chrome Half Strip Bump 20-30 Sheet


A half strip bump stapler featuring a metal chrome construction and smooth finish. Ideal for stapling 20 to 30 sheets at a go. Compact and durable.

Stapler WEX Y2000 Heavy Duty Full Strip Chrome 20-30 Sheet


Stapling papers will be easy and convenient when you use this metal stapler. This stapler lends a good grip to your hand while stapling owing to its shape.

Staple Remover With Safety Lock


Keep your fingers safe with this staple pin remover from Statesman. This compact and easy to carry staple pin remover also comes with a safety lock.

Staples Heavt Duty 23/8 1000/bx


Hold your important papers and documents together with the help of these heavy duty staple pins. Made of good quality zinc, these staple pins are sturdy.

Staples 26/6 5000 Piece Box


Essential office supplies include staples. This pack of 5000 pins comes in standard size of 26/6 and will fit most staplers.

Staples WEX 5000pc Standard Zinc Plated


These 5000 piece zinc plated, standard size staples make for an essential office supply. These staples are durable and sturdy.

Staples WEX Standard 24 /6 5000 Piece Box


Every office has its own filing needs, use these sturdy standard size staples to ease the process for your office. This pack contains 5000 staples.

Staples WEX Heavy Duty 23 / 8, 1000 / Bx


Use these zinc plated, heavy duty staples for all your binding needs. This pack has 1000 staples which are 23/8 in size.