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Sharpener 3 Hole Barrel Plastic Good Quality


Displaying three different holes for ordinary, jumbo and super sharp, sharpening of pencil, this uniquely shaped jumbo sharpener makes a lovely buy.

Sharpener Aluminium 2 Hole 12 Pack


Twin-hole aluminium sharpener designed to sharpen pencils of different sizes. Features two sharp blades that ensure rapid action. Comes in a pack of 12. Ideal for schools, artists, and offices.

Sharpener 24 Pack of Aluminium 1 Hole


Bulk pack of 24 aluminium sharpeners featuring single holes. Ensures precise sharpening action. Durable and easy to use. Ideal for students, artists, professionals.

Sharpener Grippa Premium


Trendy and colourful sharpener with rubber grip to keep your hands from slipping while sharpening your favourite black-lead pencils. Made from non-toxic material.

Sharpener 1 Hole Plastic 100 Pack Assorted


An assorted pack of 100 single-hole plastic sharpeners. Each sharpener features a sharp stainless steel blade and can sharpen pencils of various diameters. Suitable for use in schools and offices.

Sharpener Blak Spiral Twist Pencil


Forget about breaking your pencil leads when sharpening them using the spiral twist pencil sharpener. Its specially designed curved blade prevents breaking of pencil leads. Ideal for students, artists, and professionals.

Sharpener 1 Hole Zinc Metal Premium Ergonomic


Get precise sharpening of your pencils with the help of this ergonomically shaped sharpener. The zinc blade makes this sharpener long lasting.

Sharpener Bucket of 60 Assorted High Quality


A bucketful of colourful sharpeners for standard size black lead pencils. An advanced design ensures proper sharpening resulting in clean and accurate lines. Box contains 60 sharpeners in 6 assorted colours.

Sharpener Battery Operated Electronic Pencil


High-end pencil sharpener featuring a battery operated mechanism for precise action. Compact and powerful design that ensures hassle-free sharpening. Perfect for use by engineers, artists, architects, and others.

Sharpener With Pearl Eraser Grippa Premium


Find 2 useful stationery items in 1 – this colourful sharpener with rubber grip is ideal for precise sharpening of standard size pencils and comes equipped with a non-toxic, non-dust eraser.

Sharpener 2 Hole Plastic Barrel


A barrel shaped sharpener with double holes for sharpening pencils of different sizes. The barrel design ensures non-messy operation by trapping pencil dust inside.

Sharpener 2 Hole Plastic


Elegantly designed plastic sharpener featuring double holes and double blades. Crafted out of durable plastic, this sharpener is meant for sharpening of pencils with different diameters.

Sharpener 1 Hole Aluminium and Metal


A standard single hole sharpener made of aluminium and metal. Ensures precise and smooth sharpening of all types of pencil tips. Essential for your stationery drawer.

Sharpener 2 Hole Aluminium and Metal


Double hole pencil sharpener featuring two sharp blades for maximum effect. Made of aluminium and metal, this durable item is designed to sharpen pencils of different sizes.

Eraser and Sharpener Metal Single Hole


A set of high quality eraser and a metal sharpener. Non-dust eraser that works gently to erase graphite marks without damaging paper. Single hole sharpener, fit for sharpening all types of pencils.

Eraser and Sharpener Plastic Neon 2 in 1


A combo pack of premium quality eraser and sharpener. Soft eraser that removes graphite marks in an effortless manner. Lightweight plastic sharpener ensures easy sharpening of pencil tips.

Sharpener Blak Spiral Twist Pencil 8 Pack


A pack of 8 spiral twist sharpeners designed to sharpen your pencils without breaking the tips. Features curved blade that prevents breakage of pencil leads.