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Scissors 2 Pack of Safety Plastic Zig Zag for Kids


A pack of 2 safety scissors designed for the little kids. These plastic scissors feature a zig zag design and can cut only paper, ensuring absolute safety for your kid.

Scissor Lefty 133mm 5 1/4 Inch Small for Left Handed


Designed keeping the left-handed people in mind, these scissors promise precise and sharp cutting experience. The ergonomic shape offers a perfect grip.

Scissors Blunt Nose Black Handle Box of 20


A box full of 20 blunt nose scissors. Made from high quality material, these scissors tick the boxes for functionality and ease of use. Features black handle.

Scissor Black Handle Office and Student 168mm High Quality


Your stationery is incomplete without these scissors. Featuring good quality stainless steel blades, these scissors offer precise cutting. The ergonomic handles lend the right grip.

Scissor Kiddy Assist Koopy Type


A cool pair of scissors that assists your kids to cut effortlessly. Comes with a special spring to ensure ease of use. Has space to label name and prevent losing it.

Scissor Lefty 210mm 8.4 Inch for the Left Handed


Crafted especially for left-handed people, these large scissors are truly a must-have. Shaped in an ergonomic manner, these scissors are easy to hold.

Scissors Mum’s Helping Hand


A specially designed pair of scissors with two pairs of grips. Enables the mother and child to grip and use the scissor together. Comes with a blunt nose for enhanced safety.

  • blunt nose
  • double handle helps
  • kids learn to cut by active assistance
  • by parent or teacher

Scissor Ambidextrous 140mm


It doesn’t matter whether you are left handed or right handed. You will be able to use this pair of ambidextrous scissors with efficiency and ease.

Scissor Orange Handle 7.8 Inch 198 Mm


Snip away with this high-quality scissor from Statesman. The scissor comes with an ergonomic orange color handle. This 7.8 Inch scissor is great for school craft work.

Scissors 168mm Black Handled Office and Home


A pair of stainless steel scissors with black plastic handles for easy control. Cuts with precision. Can be used at home, school, or office.

Scissors Creative Kids


Bright and colourful kids scissors, specially designed for use by the kids. They are safe to use and ensure hours of creative pursuits by your child.

Scissor Soft Touch 153mm


Spare your hands any kind of stress when using scissors. This pair of scissors has a soft touch grip to ensure stress-free handling and cutting activity.

Scissors Medium Ergonomic Grip 71/4 Inch


This pair of ergonomic-grip scissors make cutting an effortless matter. You can easily cut things with these medium size scissors without stressing your hands.

Scissor Ambidextrous 215mm


Here is a pair of scissors that you can use with complete ease, without worrying about being a right handed person or left handed. This pair is made of stainless steel.

Scissor 9 3/4 Inch Super Large Ergonomic 210mm


Ergonomically shaped, these large scissors are convenient to use and lend a great grip to your hands. The stainless steel blades offer precise cutting.

Scissors Medium Blak Titanium Plated 7 1/4 Inch 184mm


High quality pair of scissors that are titanium plated for durability and long-lasting use. This multi-purpose medium size scissors is ideal for arts and crafts, tailoring, office works, or use at home.

Scissors Large Blak Titanium Plated High Quality


A pair of premium quality titanium plated scissors that ensure sturdiness. A multipurpose pair, it is large in size and can be used to cut just about anything, from paper to cloth.

Scissor Blunt Nose


A pair of scissors with metal body and durable plastic handles. Features a blunt nose and is safe enough for use by school students.

Scissors Black Handled Easy Grip Blunt Nose 133mm


Fine quality scissors featuring blunt nose and easy grip handle. Ensures sharp and quick cutting action. Perfect for use in academic projects by students.

Scissor Blunt Nose Glitter Type 5 1/4 Inch


Get kids interested in craft by using these 5 1/4 inch blunt nose scissors which come in an attractive glitter handle.