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Calculator Ruler 30cm – 300mm (needs new batteries) customer to purchase


Multi-purpose ruler featuring a functional calculator. This unique ruler is designed out of high grade materials for long-lasting use. Compact, handy, and perfect for use by students and professionals.

Rulers 30cm Flexi Curve


Ideal for drafting, engineering, construction, or surveying, this flexible ruler can be bent in any way you want. This ruler will easily fit on any type of drawing board.

Rulers 40cm Flexi Curve


Created using an exceptionally flexible material, this ruler has raised edges for ink ruling. This ruler can be twisted and turned as per your requirement.

Ruler Unbreakable Flexi Twist 30cm


A flexible ruler with an ability to endure the twist and turns that often occur during daily use. This unbreakable ruler is 30 cm in length and high in quality.

Rulers 30cm Detachable to Insert Photos Etc


You can design your ruler by inserting the picture of your wish. It has a clip on cover that can be removed for insertion and replacing paper.

Ruler 30cm Clear Plastic


A clear plastic ruler with 30cm length. This transparent ruler is practical, enduring, and convenient for use by all. It can be a useful addition to your stationery box.

Ruler 30cm Stainless Steel


Get precise and accurate length measurements using this ruler. The round edges ensure that it is safe to use for both you and your kid.

Rulers 12pc 30cm Clear


Pack of twelve 30cm plastic rulers arranged horizontally on a card. Perfect calibration to make diagrams and technical drawings precisely. Transparent body enables clear visibility.

Rulers 30cm Shatterproof 12 Piece Per Card


Measure length and draw straight lines with the help of this shatterproof ruler. This lightweight ruler is easy to use and carry.

Rulers 15cm Shatterproof 36 Pack Assorted


Colourful and vibrant, this set of 30 shatterproof rulers make a lovely buy. Easy to use, these rulers help in drawing straight lines and to measure accurate length.

Rulers 36 Pack Tube of 30cm Shatterproof


This pack of 36 rulers are a must have for any school supply. Each ruler is 30 cm in length and has shatter-proof property, making them very durable.

Rulers Genuine Shatterproof (36 Pack) 30cm Clear


Tired of rulers breaking with the slightest pressure? It is time to get the clear and shatterproof rulers from Statesman. These 30cm rulers come in a pack of 36.

Ruler 1 Meter (100cm) Stainless Steel


A large size ruler boasting of 1 meter length. Crafted out of stainless steel, this sturdy ruler makes a great addition to your school or office stationery box.

Ruler 30cm Carded Plastic


Marked in centimeter and milimeter, this 30 cm ruler is for precision loving people. Ideal for school and college goers, this ruler is made from premium quality plastic.

Rulers 30cm Finger Grip


Featuring a finger grip along its length, this ruler makes it easy to measure and draw. Made of good quality material, this ruler has perfect markings for precise measurement.

Scale Rulers Flat Architectural


Designed especially for the drafting and measuring of architectural drawings, this architect ruler is a must-have. Smooth to touch, this ruler has soft edges for easy handling.

Scale Rulers Flat Engineering


Convenient to be used on both field and in the office, this architect ruler promises precise measurements. This ruler can be used for both architectural and engineering drawing.

Scale Ruler Architectural Engineering Tri Shape


A versatile scale ruler featuring tri shape. With clear markings, this architectural engineering scale ruler ensures ease of use. Lightweight and convenient to carry around.

Rulers Professional Blak Aluminium Rota Scale


Showcasing a revolving hex, this rota scale ruler will help you get precise measurements. This ruler is ideal for engineers and architects.