Push Pins & Clips

Push Pins & Clips

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Paper Clips 100’s Jumbo Plastic Coated


Keep all your important documents clipped together with these jumbo multicolor paper clips. The clips are plastic coated and are available in a pack of 100.

Clips 3pc Magnetic Fridge/whiteboard


Stick a cute photo or an important message with these stylish magnetic fridge/whiteboard clips. The clips secure well and come as a pack of 3.

Foldback Clips Statesman 25mm 12 Piece


Holding your papers in place becomes an effortless job when you have these fold-back clips. Crafted from tempered steel, they are rust and scratch resistant. Must-have item for office and home.

Foldback Clips Statesman 32mm 12’s


Box of 32mm bulldog clips (12pcs) made of tempered steel. Secures documents without letting them to slip out. Resists scratches and rust for added durability.

Paper Clip Statesman Assorted Colours 50mm PVC Coated 100pc Per Box


Keeping your documents fastened together becomes so much easy when you use these high-quality easy-to-use paper clips. These colourful PVC coated clips come in a box of 100 pieces.

Bulldog Clips 22mm 12 Piece


Pack of clips to firmly bind sheets of paper together. Curved into a cylinder to create enough room for holding a thick bunch with ease.

Paper Clips Statesman Silver 50mm 100pc


Multi-colour assortment of 100 paper clips assists in fastening documents together. Office supplies are incomplete without these smooth clips that quickly glide on paper.

Clips and Pins 104pc Assortedd


This pack of assorted clips and pins contains paper clips, binder clips and push pins. This pack has 104 pieces of clips and pins in total.

Bulldog Clips Assorted Sizes 10pc Carded


Keep your papers firmly in place with these tempered steel Bulldog clips. They come in pack of 10 with assorted sizes and are completely rust-proof due to their electroplated finish.

Foldback Clips Statesman 51mm 12’s


Pack of 12 bulldog clips made of tempered steel. Corrosion and scratch resistant construction and holds multiple documents steadily in place.

Paper Clips Statesman 33mm 100 Piece Paper Box


Pack of 100 U-shaped paper clips to hold up to 10 sheets of paper firmly. Offering good grip, these silver pins are perfect for use at home or office.

Foldback Clips Statesman 19mm 12 Piece.


Hold your documents and important papers firmly in place with these easy-to-use fold-back clips. Made of tempered steel, these clips are durable and rust resistant. Comes in pack of 12.

Paper Clips in Plastic Box 100pc 33mm


A pack of 100 easy-to-use paper clips. These clips can securely fasten documents. Perfect for use at home, office, or school. Comes with a compact case for easy storage.

Thumb Tacks (drawing Pins) 9.5mm 100pc Pack


Fasten memos, pictures and notices easily with these thumb tacks with smooth, rounded heads. The pointed ends of these silver coloured pins quickly fix on cork or cloth lined boards.

Push Pins in Easy Store Plastic


Make your notice board colourful with this pack of 50 push pins. These pins come in a easy to store trasnparent case.

Map Pins in Easy Store Plastic


Be it cork board or map, these colourful map pins can used everywhere. They come enclosed in a transparent and easy to store case and should be kept out of the reach of children.