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Punch WEX 2 Hole


Sort your documents in classy ring binders. Punch holes with this punching machine. Just place your document and keep punching.

Punch WEX Extra Heavy/duty 60-70 Sheet Solid Pin


Punch up to 60 sheets of papers with ease using this punch machine. Light in weight, this punch machine offers easy portability.

Punch WEX 2 Hole 8cm Mini 10 Sheet


Are you stuck with filing documents, this punching machine will make your task easier for you. This punching machine is compact and can punch holes in 10 sheets at once.

Punch WEX 2 Hole Punch


Use this compact and stylish punching machine to punch two holes in your documents before filing them neatly your in lever-arch files. Job Done !!!

Punch WEX Compact 20 Sheet


Punch papers with ease using this two-hole punch machine. Ergonomically shaped, this punch machine is light in weight and convenient to use.

Punch WEX Extra Heavy Duty 80-100 Sheet Solid Pin


Get this heavy duty punch machine for all your punching requirements at home or office. Featuring a metal cover, the machine can punch up to 80 to 100 sheets at a time.

Punch 2 Hole Plastic and Metal Base Soft Grip


Punching papers will be easy when you use this ergonomically shaped punch machine. The wide and soft handle lets you punch two holes comfortably.

Punch WEX Full Metal Mid 2 Hole


This black punching device is sleek and attractive. This can hold up to 20 sheets at once. It punches two holes with standard distance between them.

Punch WEX Full Heavy Metal 2 Hole


This heavy duty metal punching machine 80 to 100 sheet heavy-duty punch is a must-have in every office. It can punch holes in multiple files at once.

Punch WEX Full Heavy Metal 2 Hole


Do the heavy duty filing with this punching machine by your side. This machine can punch holes in multiple documents at once.