Guillotines and Shredders

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Paper Cutter Roller


Featuring a straight cutting function, this roller paper cutter is perfect for office use. It lends a precise cutting of papers.

Paper Trimmer


This paper trimmer, with its steel base, comes with a host of safety features including a blade guard and knife lock, formatted to handle sizes A6-A2, the rotary blade and automatic clamping feature make it convinient, safe and highly effective to use

Roller Paper Cutter Dc-20t


Offering three different types of cuts; straight, skip, and wave cut, this paper cutter is perfect for craft work and office. This paper cutter also helps in cutting the corners.

Guillotine 12 Inch Full Size Deluxe Metal Base


This 12 inch deluxe metal base is prepared from stainless steel and plastic. The trimmer blade when not in use, can be placed in the safe locking position.

Guillotine 15 Inch Full Size Deluxe Metal Base


Useful for sizing a large piles of paper, the WEX deluxe metal base has a 15 inch stainless steel base. Equipped with the dual safety features of a plastic screen and a safety lock, it boasts the cutting capacity of 10 sheets of 16lb bond paper per swipe

Shredder WEX Desktop


Ideal for official and home use, this paper shredder is easy to use. It has an auto cut off feature along with a huge capacity waste bin.