Tape Dispensers

Tape Dispensers

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Tape Dispenser Medium


High quality tape dispenser of medium size. Features sharp blade for easy tearing of tape. Compact and durable body. Great for use at home or at work.

Tape Dispenser Rolla


Hold. Squeeze. Release. Cutting tapes have never been this easy. This handheld tape cutter and tape set makes wrapping and sealing a child’s play.

Tape Dispenser Clear Tape 33m


Ideal for gift wrapping and for other sealing needs, this tape makes a lovely buy for both home and office. The dispenser lets you tear the required amount of tape.

Tape Dispenser Mini With 2 Rolls Tape


Wrapping gifts is so much easier with this mini tape dispenser with no-slip base. The tape dispenser comes with two rolls of tape and is idea for home use.

Tape Dispenser Large


Large sized desktop tape dispenser for office or home use. Made from durable, high-impact plastic and features a non-slip base.

Tape Dispenser Extra Large Jumbo Heavy Duty


An extra-large plastic tape dispenser especially suitable for offices and schools. Manufactured from premium quality plastic with anti-skid base.

Tape Dispenser Heavy Duty


Your taping needs will be easily met when you buy this easy to use tape dispenser. Featuring a stainless steel sharp blade, this dispenser lets you cut the tape easily.

Tape Rolla-tape Refill


Easy to install and use, this tape refill will address all your taping needs. This invisible tape has a matte finish and has a frosty look on the roll.