Glues & Adhesives

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Prestick Tack-it Putty Like Adhesive 75g


Perfect for both home and office, this putty holds, mounts, secures, and fixes things easily. This adhesive does not leave a stain or a mark behind.

Glue Tape


Join two surfaces quickly with this permanent adhesive. This 8mm x 8m double sided tape makes your craft and repair jobs a breeze.

Glue Stick 15g Plus 20 Waxy Doodles Carded


Accompanied by a gluestick, this doodle stick set will make your child’s artwork unique and colourful. This set can be used to create doodle cards.

Glue Bostik Clear 25ml Single Tube


Sticking things will be a cakewalk when you use this all-purpose adhesive. An ideal pick for all types of surfaces, this adhesive makes a worthy buy.

Glue Stick 15g Carded Blak High Quality


Safe to be used by your child, this glue stick helps dry faster and easier. This purple-coloured glue helps you see it before it dries.

Glue Stick 15g Bulk 20 Pack Blak High Quality


Stick things using this easy to use glue stick. Purple in colour, this glue stick offers a quick drying time and is safe to be used by your child.

Glue Stick 35g Bulk 20 Pack Blak High Quality


Featuring a twist and turn function, this easy to use glue stick dries quicker. This convenient glue stick is child-friendly and helps in sticking things easily.

Glue Stick 8g Bulk 20 Pack Blak High Quality


Sticking different things will be simple when you use this glue stick. Lending a quick drying experience, this glue stick is safe to be used by your kid.

Glue Craft, Wood & Project (Smily’s) 120ml


Are you a crafts and DIY enthusiast? This 120ml glue is very effective on all surfaces, be it wood or paper. It is safe for kids to use as well.

Glue Craft, Wood & Project (Smily’s) 250ml


Tired of the sticky mess that marks all your creative activities? The unique nozzle assembly will ensure mess-free crafts and the effective adhesive works on all surfaces.

Glue Craft, Wood & Project (Smily’s) 40ml


Make your crafts more fun with the small 40 ml bottle of powerful glue which can be used to stick paper, wood and other craft materials.

Glue Jumbo Tubes Large Liquid


Dual pack of liquid jumbo tube glue. A versatile product that provides a non-messy way to bond materials together. Specially formulated for maximum effect.

Decifix Roll 45cmx1m Clear Adhesive Rolls


Cover your child’s books using this clear self-adhesive roll. Easy to use, this roll is made of good quality material and is transparent in colour.

Decifix Roll 45cmx5m Clear Adhesive Roll


Easy to use, this clear self-adhesive roll will lend a neat look to the items it covers. Made of good quality material, this transparent clear roll is a worthy buy.

Tape 2 Piece Easy Tear 18mm X33m


Bid goodbye to scissors for cutting this tape. This easy tear tape can be easily cut as per your requirement and needs no dispenser either.

Tape White 2 Way Double Sided


Heavy duty double sided foam tape with excellent adhesives which will stick on any surface. Good for mounting frames on the wall.

Tape Two Way Black Double Sided


Versatile double sided tape available in black colour. Can be utilised for mounting paintings on wall. It is easy to apply and remove.

Tape Invisible Write on 2 Piece


No more waiting for the correctors to dry. Stick the write-on tape and resume your work without hassle. 25m length will last you a long time.

Tape Ultra Thin Double Sided 50m


Perfect to make envelopes and for other craft needs, this ultra-thin double sided adhesive tape is easy to use and a must-have.

Tape Easy Tear Clear 33m X 11mm 10 Rolls Per Pack


Hold things together without the hassle of handling scissors with the help of this tape. Simple to use, this adhesive tape is easy to tear and use.

Easy Tear Tape 10 pack


Ideal for office use, this invisible tape can be easily cut. It needs no scissors or dispenser. This pack of 10 tape rolls offers a permanent and precise fix.

Easy Tear Invisible Tape 10 pack 18mm X 33m

Tape 10 Piece Easy Tear 18mm X33m


Consisting of 10 pieces, this easy tear tape set is a worthy buy. It can be easily cut by tearing as per your requirement. It needs no scissors or dispenser.

Tape Easy Tear Clear 1 Piece Carded Invisible Perforation


Featuring invisible perforated top pads for clean tear-out, this tape is easy to use and required no scissors to cut. This tape can be used to stick papers or boxes.

Tape/packaging Tape 50m X 48mm Brown/Buff


Packing things will be easy when you use this tape. Easy to use, this transparent tape sticks on almost every surface.

Tape/ Packaging Tape 50m X 48mm Clear


Pack things perfectly with the help of this tape. This easy to use tape is ideal to be used on most surfaces.

Tape Dispenser Medium


High quality tape dispenser of medium size. Features sharp blade for easy tearing of tape. Compact and durable body. Great for use at home or at work.

Tape Dispenser Rolla


Hold. Squeeze. Release. Cutting tapes have never been this easy. This handheld tape cutter and tape set makes wrapping and sealing a child’s play.

Tape Dispenser Clear Tape 33m


Ideal for gift wrapping and for other sealing needs, this tape makes a lovely buy for both home and office. The dispenser lets you tear the required amount of tape.

Tape Dispenser Mini With 2 Rolls Tape


Wrapping gifts is so much easier with this mini tape dispenser with no-slip base. The tape dispenser comes with two rolls of tape and is idea for home use.

Tape Dispenser Large


Large sized desktop tape dispenser for office or home use. Made from durable, high-impact plastic and features a non-slip base.

Tape Dispenser Extra Large Jumbo Heavy Duty


An extra-large plastic tape dispenser especially suitable for offices and schools. Manufactured from premium quality plastic with anti-skid base.