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Stapler Energy Saving Extreme Soft Touch


Save up to 30 percent energy, with this energy saving stapler. This stapler works on a very soft touch and also eliminates paper curls on stacked sheets.

Stapler Metal Chrome Half Strip Bump 20-30 Sheet


A half strip bump stapler featuring a metal chrome construction and smooth finish. Ideal for stapling 20 to 30 sheets at a go. Compact and durable.

Stapler WEX Y2000 Heavy Duty Full Strip Chrome 20-30 Sheet


Stapling papers will be easy and convenient when you use this metal stapler. This stapler lends a good grip to your hand while stapling owing to its shape.

Staple Remover With Safety Lock


Keep your fingers safe with this staple pin remover from Statesman. This compact and easy to carry staple pin remover also comes with a safety lock.

Staples Heavt Duty 23/8 1000/bx


Hold your important papers and documents together with the help of these heavy duty staple pins. Made of good quality zinc, these staple pins are sturdy.

Staples 26/6 5000 Piece Box


Essential office supplies include staples. This pack of 5000 pins comes in standard size of 26/6 and will fit most staplers.

Staples WEX 5000pc Standard Zinc Plated


These 5000 piece zinc plated, standard size staples make for an essential office supply. These staples are durable and sturdy.

Staples WEX Standard 24 /6 5000 Piece Box


Every office has its own filing needs, use these sturdy standard size staples to ease the process for your office. This pack contains 5000 staples.

Staples WEX Heavy Duty 23 / 8, 1000 / Bx


Use these zinc plated, heavy duty staples for all your binding needs. This pack has 1000 staples which are 23/8 in size.

Staples WEX Heavy Duty 23/10, 1000 / Bx


A pack of 1000 staples which are 23/10 in size. These are zinc plated and can be used for heavy duty binding.

Stationery Set Gift 5 Piece (BARGAIN!!!!!!!)


5 Piece stationery set comprising of two HB pencils in pre-sharpened form, one eraser, one sharpener, and one ruler. Makes a great gift set for students.

Stationery Set Gift 8 Piece (BARGAIN!!!!!!!)


Statesman’s 8 piece stationery set is a great gifting option for school children. The set contains 2 pencils, a pen, eraser, ruler, small scissor, and tape.

Stickers Pack of 440 Metallic Gold


8 sheets of high-quality, self-adhesive metallic stars for bulk art and craft projects. Premium product made from non-toxic material that is safe for use by children.

Stickers Pack of 440 Metallic Silver Stars


Embellish your school projects with these cute, self-adhesive silver stars that can be removed and used as required. This pack features 8 sheets containing 440 stars for art and craft projects.

Stickers Pack of 440 Neon Stars


Bright and beautiful self-adhesive neon stars in assorted colours. Pack contains 8 sheets of colourful stars for art work.

Stickers Pack of 440 Metallic Star Labels


A mega pack of 440 metallic star labels in various colours. Ensures easy peel off and paste. Suitable for use in school projects or as part of arts and crafts assignments.

Decifix Roll 45cmx5m Clear Adhesive Roll


Easy to use, this clear self-adhesive roll will lend a neat look to the items it covers. Made of good quality material, this transparent clear roll is a worthy buy.

Tape 2 Piece Easy Tear 18mm X33m


Bid goodbye to scissors for cutting this tape. This easy tear tape can be easily cut as per your requirement and needs no dispenser either.

Tape Ultra Thin Double Sided 50m


Perfect to make envelopes and for other craft needs, this ultra-thin double sided adhesive tape is easy to use and a must-have.

Tape Easy Tear Clear 33m X 11mm 10 Rolls Per Pack


Hold things together without the hassle of handling scissors with the help of this tape. Simple to use, this adhesive tape is easy to tear and use.

Easy Tear Tape 10 pack


Ideal for office use, this invisible tape can be easily cut. It needs no scissors or dispenser. This pack of 10 tape rolls offers a permanent and precise fix.

Easy Tear Invisible Tape 10 pack 18mm X 33m

Tape 10 Piece Easy Tear 18mm X33m


Consisting of 10 pieces, this easy tear tape set is a worthy buy. It can be easily cut by tearing as per your requirement. It needs no scissors or dispenser.

Tape Easy Tear Clear 1 Piece Carded Invisible Perforation


Featuring invisible perforated top pads for clean tear-out, this tape is easy to use and required no scissors to cut. This tape can be used to stick papers or boxes.

2 in 1 Whiteboard and chalkboard with accessories


Adjust the easel according to age (1-4)
12 pack multicolour chalk
4 pack assorted whiteboard markers
2 in 1 whiteboard and chalkboard eraser
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20 Piece Stationery Kit with Free Delivery


This beautifully packed 20-piece gift pack presented in a zipper bag is a wonderful gift for a child.

The gift back consists of the following items:

1x A5 72 page note book / 12 pack white chalk / 12 pack coloured chalk / 4 pack white board markers / 2-in-1 sharpener and eraser / 30cm ruler / 4 pack assorted colour highlighters / 12 water colour paint set / Pair of safety scissors / 9 piece math set / 1x permanent marker black / 12 pack crayons assorted colours / 2 pack red gel pens / 2 pack blue gel pens / 1x correction pen / 12 pack pencils assorted colours / 12 pack koki’s assorted colours / 10 pack HB pencils / Waxy sticks assorted colours

DELIVERY: FREE all-over South Africa

47 Piece Kids Art Kit with Free Delivery


This beautifully packed 5-piece crafter gift pack will make a wonderful gift for a child.

The gift bag consists of the following items:

4 pack assorted colour highlighters / 18 pack Jumbo Twist all in one crayon twists / Blak glue Stick /12 Poster paint set / 12 pack Paint in a brush set.

DELIVERY: FREE all-over South Africa

Tape Dispenser Rolla


Hold. Squeeze. Release. Cutting tapes have never been this easy. This handheld tape cutter and tape set makes wrapping and sealing a child’s play.

Tape Dispenser Clear Tape 33m


Ideal for gift wrapping and for other sealing needs, this tape makes a lovely buy for both home and office. The dispenser lets you tear the required amount of tape.

Tape Dispenser Mini With 2 Rolls Tape


Wrapping gifts is so much easier with this mini tape dispenser with no-slip base. The tape dispenser comes with two rolls of tape and is idea for home use.

Tape Dispenser Extra Large Jumbo Heavy Duty


An extra-large plastic tape dispenser especially suitable for offices and schools. Manufactured from premium quality plastic with anti-skid base.

Tape Dispenser Heavy Duty


Your taping needs will be easily met when you buy this easy to use tape dispenser. Featuring a stainless steel sharp blade, this dispenser lets you cut the tape easily.

Tape Rolla-tape Refill


Easy to install and use, this tape refill will address all your taping needs. This invisible tape has a matte finish and has a frosty look on the roll.