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Home office stationery Pack


Need office stationery items for your home or office? Statesman Stationery has create a pack that will have everything you need.
Our range of high quality, durable stationery items are essential to any office at an affordable price.

2 Red Supa Click Pens, 2 Black Supa Click Pens, 2 Blue Supa Click Pens, 1 Easy Tear Clear tape, Blak eraser 3 pack, 35g Blak Glue stick, Statesman staples 26/6 5000 6mm x 12.7mm, Metal half strip classic stapler, 12 tri-grip rubber tip pencils, 1 Tack it Prestick, 1 pack yellow stick-em pad, 1 Titanium blade scissor, Supa Bright highlighter assorted 4 pack, Whiteboard Marker assorted 4 pack

Home stationery Pack


This pack covers every home with all the essential stationery requirements.

Whats in the box:

2 x Supa click black pens, 2 x Supa click Blue pens, 2 x Supa click Red pens, 1 Stapler, Eraser, Scissor, invisible tape , Lead pencil, correction pen, HB lead for Pencil, Highlighter 4 pack and pencil case

Office Stationery Mega Pack


Our Mega office stationery Pack will suit all you office stationery requirements

What’s in the box:

 50 Supa Click Black Pens,  50 Supa Click Red Pens, 50 Supa Click blue Pens,  10 Easy Tear Clear tape, Blak eraser 3 pack, 35g Blak Glue stick, Statesman staples 26/6 5000 6mm x 12.7mm, Metal half strip classic stapler, 12 tri-grip rubber tip pencils, 1 Tack it Prestick, 5 pack yellow stick-em pad, 1 Titanium blade scissor, Supa Bright highlighter assorted 4 pack, Whiteboard Marker Assorted 4 pack

Teachers Semester Stationery pack


All the stationery you will need to get you through a semester

This Pack includes:
2 x Supa click black pens, 2 x Supa click Blue pens, 2 x Supa click Red pens, 3 Blak erasers, Metallic Star labels 440 pack, Scissor, Blak Glue Stick, Whiteboard markers 4 pack, Highlighter 4 pack and 12 HB pencils

Highlighter Ultra bright 4 Pack


Make important text stand out with these assorted highlighters that are 30% brighter than regular highlighters. Quick-drying ink lets you work uninterrupted without creating a mess.

4 colours in a set

Pens Oil Gel Blue 10 Pack


A pack of 10 oil gel pens with blue ink and 1.0 point tip. Features advanced ink delivery technique that ensures smooth writing experience. The special gel ink provides vivid colour.

Pens Anti Fraud Blue 1 Piece


Sign all important documents with Statesman’s Signature Anti Fraud Blue ink pen. The pen uses a specially designed ink which cannot be erased thus avoiding any frauds.

Pens Anti Fraud Black 1 Piece


Avoid tampering by signing important documents using this security ink gel pen. This anti-fraud pen has a secure ink that cannot be messed with.

Pens Gel Ink Excel Blue 2 Pack


Dual pack of blue gel ink pens. Designed for advanced ink delivery, ensuring smooth writing experience. Features comfortable rubber grip.

Pens Oil Gel Red 10 Pack


Dual pack of oil gel pens featuring 1.0 point tips and red ink. Designed with advanced ink delivery technique that offers vivid color and smooth writing.

Pens Oil Gel Black 2 pack


Lucid writing at your fingertips with this fab set of 2 black oil gel pens. Clip it on your pocket and look forward to lucid and smudge-free writing experiences without a break.

Pens Oil Gel Blue 2 pack


Pack of 2 blue ink gel pens ensures you don’t run out of ink too soon. Fluid writing experiences ensue when you get the nib rolling on paper.

2 in 1 Whiteboard and chalkboard with accessories


Adjust the easel according to age (1-4)
12 pack multicolour chalk
4 pack assorted whiteboard markers
2 in 1 whiteboard and chalkboard eraser
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20 Piece Stationery Kit with Free Delivery


This beautifully packed 20-piece gift pack presented in a zipper bag is a wonderful gift for a child.

The gift back consists of the following items:

1x A5 72 page note book / 12 pack white chalk / 12 pack coloured chalk / 4 pack white board markers / 2-in-1 sharpener and eraser / 30cm ruler / 4 pack assorted colour highlighters / 12 water colour paint set / Pair of safety scissors / 9 piece math set / 1x permanent marker black / 12 pack crayons assorted colours / 2 pack red gel pens / 2 pack blue gel pens / 1x correction pen / 12 pack pencils assorted colours / 12 pack koki’s assorted colours / 10 pack HB pencils / Waxy sticks assorted colours

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47 Piece Kids Art Kit with Free Delivery


This beautifully packed 5-piece crafter gift pack will make a wonderful gift for a child.

The gift bag consists of the following items:

4 pack assorted colour highlighters / 18 pack Jumbo Twist all in one crayon twists / Blak glue Stick /12 Poster paint set / 12 pack Paint in a brush set.

DELIVERY: FREE all-over South Africa