Posters, Planners and Biology

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Skeleton Model Xc 101 180cm


Practical knowledge is better than theoretical knowledge. Teach about human body and skeletal system with this skeleton model of 180 cm.

Skeleton Model Xc 103 45cm


Made from finest plastic, this model skeleton resembles the real skeletal system. It is 45 cm in height and is ideal for classroom teaching.

Tooth Large 403 Model 3


This large model of tooth is perfect for teaching school and college students. It will allow better understanding of dental structures and blood flow.

Skull Model Life Size


What better way to learn than to see and learn. This life size model of human skull is good for explaining the concepts of human brain.

Posters Multiplication Table


Make multiplication fun for your child by introducing this colourful poster. This write and wipe poster helps in easy learning and retention of the multiplication tables.

Posters Nose,tongue and Throat


Lend a perfect understanding of the vertical section of the nose, throat and the tongue with the help of this colourful poster. It has the diagram along with detailed explanation.

Posters The Brain


Educate your kid about our brain and the parts of the brain using this colourful poster. This poster has a colourful diagram of the brain for better understanding.

Posters The Eye


Introduce your kid to our eye and its parts with the help of this poster. Colourful and detailed, this poster will offer a comprehensive understanding.

Posters Africa


Educate your geography class about the culturally rich land of Africa, with this write and wipe clean poster. This educational poster illustrates all the countries of the African continent

Posters Animals and Babies


Familiarise your kid with the names of the baby animals with this educational poster. This is a write and wipe poster with the names of the parent and baby animals.

Posters Birthday


Make birthdays a little more special with this birthday poster. This write and wipe poster allows you write the names of every birthday girls or boys birthday.

Posters Cleanliness and Hygiene


Potter Bear and Booh Family is here to teach the little ones about cleanliness and hygiene. This illustrated poster is very informative and educative for young kids of ages three and above.

Posters Colours


Kids associate better with images and figures. This very well illustrated poster will surely captivate them. Teach them about ten different colours with this poster.

Posters Division


The concept of division can be daunting for some kids. Ensure that such is not the case in your classroom with this easy and fun poster explaining the concept.

Posters Drug Abuse


Ideal for High school counselors educate about the harmful practices of drug abuse. Warn and educate them in their formative years with this write and wipe poster about drug abuse.

Posters Feelings


Suitable for kids of ages two and above, this chart encapsulates fifteen emotions any person would experience. The pictures will also help them understand their feelings better.

Posters Food Pyramid


Explain the difference between nutritious and junk food, with this food pyramid poster. This write and wipe poster explains what should be consumed every day.

Posters Fruits


This colourful poster displaying 24 fruits is a write and wipe poster. White board marker pens can be used on it.

Posters HIV and AIDS


HIV and AIDS is a delicate subjects and should be approached with a lot of empathy. Ideal for High School counselors to educate teens to understand the causes, symptoms and preventive measures with this educational poster.

Posters Insects


Lay the foundation of biology with this write and wipe poster introducing insects. This poster is a fun way to learn and grow.

Posters Multiplication


Make difficult and essential concepts easy with this write and wipe multiplication poster. This poster displays the concept with a lot of examples.

Posters Numbers 1-10


Introduce your kids to the world of Mathematics and numbers through this write and erase poster. Any whiteboard marker can be used on this poster.

Posters Numbers 1-100


Fitting for classroom teaching, this write and wipe poster makes for an entertaining activity. Teach numbers from 1-100 in a fun and refreshing manner.

Posters Numbers 1-20


Teach addition with this well illustrated, write and wipe poster. The colourful figures will engage and educate the kids at the same time.

Posters Nursery Rhymes


Let the kids learn nursery rhymes with their favourite potter bear and booh family. This poster has all the popular rhymes.

Posters Our Body


Human body is an enigma, let the little minds grow by learning about the different body parts. This write and wipe chart also displays the 5 senses of human body.

Posters Our Body in English, Afrikaans and Zulu


Human body is a lot more than head, shoulders, knees and toes. Teach kids about the different parts of the human body with this multilingual poster.

Posters Skeleton


Introduce the human skeletal system to school children with this write and erase poster. This poster also illustrates the bones of the skull, the hip,and more