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Large 120 Bead Abacus


A colorful bead abacus designed out of high quality plastic. This large size abacus features 120 attractive beads. Enables your child to learn counting in an easy and fun-filled manner.

Tennis Balls 3 Pack Budget Type for School Use Only


This pack of 3 tennis balls is specially designed and priced for schools only. Bulk buy these balls and encourage the students to play sports.

Skipping Rope Statesman


Give your body some exercise with this attractive and durable skipping rope. Use it daily to keep yourself fit and fine.

Hoola Hoops 65cm for School Use


Who hasnt seen a child gain hours of fun from the Simple Hoola Hoop. Made from a sturdy plastic and sporting a bright range of multiple colours, the Statesman Stationery 65 cm Hoola Hoops are bound to bring hours of entertainment to youngsters and schools goers alike. Ideal for play or Physical education.

Puzzles Wooden 48pc


Suitable for age groups 5 and above, this set of 48 piece wooden puzzle will surely catch the attention of the curious minds. The colourful pieces will engage them for a long time.

Puzzles 24pc Puz 007 Cardboard


Play and learn with this 24 piece puzzle. Puzzles are not only good for honing the concentration of kids but also helps with their analytical skills.

Puzzles 48pc Cardboard


Make learning fun for children with this 48 piece cardboard puzzle. The puzzle is illustrated with the English alphabets and is a great way to mix fun with learning.

Puzzles 48pc Cardboard


Building puzzles is a great way to develop children’s cognitive skills and improve hand eye co-ordination. Gift your child this 48 piece animal themed puzzle and add enjoyment to learning.

Puzzles Jigsaw for Kids and Educators


Great gift for kids and grown-ups, this set of 100 piece jigsaw puzzle is crafted with durable cardboard and will keep them glued to their seats for a long while.

Puzzles Wooden 12pc


Encourage your toddler’s destructive energy into something constructive and informative with this 12 piece wooden puzzles. This set is suitable for ages 2 and above.

Puzzles Wooden 20pc


Gone are those days when learning was confined within the walls of schools. Let your young one’s learn with this 20 piece puzzle set.

Puzzles 200 Piece Budget Type Cardboard (ideal as a Gift for Charity)


This 200 piece puzzle makes a perfect gift for charities this Easter. It is very engaging and educating. It can be used for encouraging team work among children.