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Stationery Kits

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Stationery Set Gift 4 Piece BARGAIN!!!!!!!!!!


A functional gift set that comprises of two pre-sharpened pencils, a soft eraser, and a high-quality sharpener. The pencils have HB hardness level for smooth and dark writing or drawing.

Stationery Set Gift 5 Piece (BARGAIN!!!!!!!)


5 Piece stationery set comprising of two HB pencils in pre-sharpened form, one eraser, one sharpener, and one ruler. Makes a great gift set for students.

Stationery Set Gift 8 Piece (BARGAIN!!!!!!!)


Statesman’s 8 piece stationery set is a great gifting option for school children. The set contains 2 pencils, a pen, eraser, ruler, small scissor, and tape.