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Porfolio Folder Marlin


A portfolio folder that is an essential for the organised office worker

Executive Folders 2 Pocket 4 Pack Red Special Offer


Keep your documents organized for easy retrieval in this executive folder that features two pockets. Comes in A4 size that is suitable for storing all types of standard size documents.

Manilla Folders 9266 Green 100’s


These 100 green Manila folders are ideal for segregating documents and storing them in an elegant manner. Use these for your everyday segregation

Manilla Folders 9266 Pink 100’s


This set includes 100 pink manila folders which are used for storing unfolded documents. These classify as essential office supply.

Manilla Folders 9266 Yellow 100’s


A pack of 100 yellow folders which are strong and durable and exhibit supreme quality. These folders can hold unfolded A4 sheets.

Manilla Folders 9266 Blue 100’s


This pack of 100 blue Manila folders is for the organised people. Use these to store all your essential documents without creases.