Files and Filing

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Binding Covers Clear Plain (150 Micron) 100 Pack


A pack of plain and clear binding covers that is highly durable. Ensures protection for your documents. Made of high-quality 150 micron.

File Divider 10’s White Blank PVC


Organize your documents and files with this file divider. Made of PVC, this white file divider is handy and comes with indexing space. Available as a pack of 10.

Report Covers With Spine (binder) 4 pack


Give a neat and tidy look to your documents with the help of these report covers. The spine bars let you insert extra pages and keep your work organised.

Binding Combs Black 25mm 50 Pack


Ensure a professional look for your bound documents with the help of these binding combs. They are made out of plastic and consist of 21 rings.

Binding Covers Frosted (180 Micron)100 Pack


This pack of frosted binding covers is meant to provide complete protection for your documents. Pack contains 100 covers having 180 micron construction.

Binding Combs Blue 25mm 50 Pack


This pack of high quality binding combs enable to keep your reports in a neat bound state. Features plastic construction and 21 rings.

Binding Combs Black 32mm 50 Pack


When it comes to getting a professional appearance for your bound presentations and reports, these binding combs is what you need. They are designed out of plastic and ensure durability.

Binding Combs Blue 32mm 50 Pack


A pack of 32mm thick binding combs designed out of high grade plastic. They feature 21 rings and are fit for use with most comb-style binding machines.

Executive Folders 2 Pocket 4 Pack Blue Special Offer


Prevent your documents from getting misplaced with this executive folder. It has 2 pockets to keep your documents in an orderly manner. Comes in a pack of 4 in blue colour.

Executive Folders 2 Pocket 4 Pack Green Special Offer


Prone to misplacing documents? Keep your papers and documents handy and organized in this green executive folder. It features two pockets for enhanced functionality. Available in a pack of 4.

Executive Folders 2 Pocket 4 Pack Yellow Special Offer


Whether it’s your home or workspace, there’s always the need to keep papers in a safe and orderly manner. This yellow executive folder with two pockets is the ideal solution for such needs.

Filing Pockets A4 100 Pack


Ensure that your important documents always remain safe by placing them inside these filing sleeves. Exhibiting high quality, these sheet protectors are a great addition to your office accessories collection.

Quotation File Black


Ideal for presentations, proposals, and other reports, this quotation file will store your important documents safely. This black coloured file is light in weight.

Quotation File Green


A lovely addition to your office supplies, this quotation file is perfect to keep your important documents. This lightweight file is waterproof and easy to use.

Quotation File Grey


This handy file is perfect to keep your quotations and other papers organized in one place. Features classic grey colour that lends the file a professional look.

Quotation File Orange


Ensure safekeeping of your quotations and other documents in this professional quotation file. Comes in eye-catching orange colour for easy spotting.

Quotation File Red


Distinctly shaped, this presentation file helps in carrying your document hassle-free. Made using the best quality material, this red-coloured quotation file is a must-have.

Quotation File White


Give a neat and organized look to your important documents by storing them in this quotation file. Light in weight and easy to carry, this file is a worthy buy.

Quotation File Yellow


Light in weight and waterproof, this quotation file will keep your important documents safe. Easy to carry, this quotation file lends a neat look to your papers.

Expanding File 13 Pocket Blue Special Offer


Organize and store your important documents in this blue expanding file having 13 pockets. Made of waterproof material, this file is durable and tear-resistant.

Expanding File 13 Pocket Clear Special Offer


Store your important documents in this clear expanding file and keep them handy for easy retrieval. Featuring 13 pockets, this file assures you of durability and tear-resistant use.

Expanding File 13 Pocket Grey Special Offer


Carrying a heap of documents won’t be a problem anymore. Thanks to this grey expanding file with 13 pockets, you can easily keep your documents organized and carry around with you.

Expanding File 13 Pocket Red Special Offer


Stay organized with this expanding file that features 13 pockets to store your documents. Designed in red colour, this file is tear-resistant and waterproof.

Binding Covers Leather Grain (230gsm)50 Pack


Made of high-quality material, these leather grain binding covers ensure durability and long-lasting use. They come in a pack of 50.

Binding Combs Black 8mm 100 Pack


Attain perfect binding for your documents with these blinding combs. Made of high quality plastic, these binding combs feature 21 rings and come in a pack of 100.

Binding Combs Blue 8mm 100 Pack


A pack of versatile binding combs made out of high grade plastic. These combs offer a professional look to your bound documents and ensure long-lasting use.

Binding Combs Black 10mm 100 Pack


Here comes your ideal binding solution for all your binding woes: the ultimate binding combs that lend your bound documents a professional look. Made out of plastic and has 21 rings.

Binding Combs Blue 10mm 100 Pack


Designed to keep your reports and documents safe, these plastic binding combs ensure durability. They are compatible with almost all comb-style binding machines.

File Dividers Jan to Dec PVC Grey


Organize and separate your work easily by using these lightweight file dividers. This pack features 12 dividers indexed as months of the year. Comes in multi-punched form to fit all A4 binders.

File Dividers 1-10 PVC Grey


Lightweight PVC file dividers to file away your documents in an organized manner. Features indexes for easy reference. These multi-punched dividers are compatible with all A4 binders.

File Dividers 1-12 PVC Grey


Indexed PVC file dividers designed to meet your filing needs. These durable and long-lasting dividers come in multi-punched form so as to fit all types of A4 binders.