Pencil Cases

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Pencil Case Flat Black Standard School


Perfect to carry school stationery, this pencil case is spacious and easy to carry. It has a zip closure to safeguard the contents.

Pencil Case Flat Blue Standard School


This vibrantly coloured pencil case has a spacious compartment to store pencils and pens. Secured by a zip closure, this pencil case offers easy and quick access.

Pencil Case Flat Red Standard School


Carrying stationery to school will be easy when your kid carries this pencil case. It has a zip closure to keep the contents safe.

Pencil Case Denim 15cm


Zipper pencil pouch holds your stationery in one place. Made of premium quality and washable denim fabric, this standard size pouch features tough seams.

Pencil Case Pink Glitter Twin Zip


Absolutely gorgeous pink glitter pencil case. Comes with two zipped compartments to keep your stationery organized. Crafted out of premium quality material for durability and long-lasting use.

Pencil Case Zebra Print 15cm


This high quality pen and pencil pouch is a slender option to store your stationery items. It has a broad look but will prevent your stationery from getting lost.

Pencil Case Leopard Print


Featuring attractive leopard prints, this spacious pencil case is light in weight and compact in size. Secured by a zip closure, it is easy to carry.

Pencil Case Marz Double Sided Hard Box


Bring a smile on the lips of your kids with these brightly coloured pencil cases. These double sided cases are durable and designed to withstand daily wear and tear.

Pencil Case (Space Case) Slimline Hard Box (black only)good quality


Store your pens and pencils safely in this bright red space case. This box made of hard plastic is durable and will last your kid a long time.

Pencil Case S.a Flag Design


Featuring the South African flag, this pencil case is compact in size but spacious enough to accommodate your child’s school supplies.

Pencil Case Army Camo Design


Classy pencil case with army camo design. It features a zipped compartment to store your stationery and prevent them from getting lost. Made out of superior quality material.

Pencil Case 2 Zip Stripe Standard Size


Boasting of lovely prints, this colourful pencil case has two compartments. Secured by a zip closure, this pencil case keeps the contents safe inside.

Pencil Case Retro Dots Round


A trendy and funky pencil case with retro dots design. Features cylindrical shape and a single zipped compartment for holding all your stationery in one place.

Pencil Case Polka Design


Bright and beautiful pencil case with polka dot design. This zipped pencil case is crafted out of high quality material that assures of durability and long-lasting use.

Pencil Case 3 Pocket Magenta


An extremely attractive pencil case that features 3 zipped pockets for easy storage and retrieval of stationeries. Designed in bright magenta and lime colours.

Pencil Case Denim 32cm High Quality


Fashionable pencil case featuring extra-long size. Comes with two zipped compartments to keep your stationery handy and organized. Boasts of denim construction.

Pencil Case 32cm Large Army Camo Design


Tired of losing pens and pencils? Carry this army print pouch for safeguarding your stationery. This case is 32 cm in length.

Pencil Case 32cm Polka Design


Express your style while keeping safe all your stationery in this large, 32 cm polka dots pouch. It is sleek and will occupy minimum space.

Pencil Case Glitter 32cm Large


Store your stationery in one place with this glitter pencil case. This large, 32 cm case can easily store up to ten pens or pencils

Pencil Case Zebra Design 32cm


Displaying attractive zebra prints, this pencil case has a lovely finish. Compact in size but spacious to accommodate the stationery, this one is a must-have.

Pencil Case Clear (see Thru) Round for Exams


Single zipped, transparent pencil case to hold all your stationeries in one place. A versatile case, it can also be used to store your small makeup items like lipsticks, nail polishes,

Pencil Case Blk and white check


Keep it simple with this Black and White zip fastening pencil case. This case is a high quality solution for your stationery storage.

Pencil Case Leopard Print


This leopard print zip fastening pen and pencil pouch is the solution to all your stationery storage solutions. The breadth of this pouch will allow you to keep your geometry tools as well.