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Scissor Orange Handle 7.8 Inch 198 Mm


Snip away with this high-quality scissor from Statesman. The scissor comes with an ergonomic orange color handle. This 7.8 Inch scissor is great for school craft work.

Scissors Creative Kids


Bright and colourful kids scissors, specially designed for use by the kids. They are safe to use and ensure hours of creative pursuits by your child.

Scissor Soft Touch 153mm


Spare your hands any kind of stress when using scissors. This pair of scissors has a soft touch grip to ensure stress-free handling and cutting activity.

Scissor Blunt Nose Glitter Type 5 1/4 Inch


Get kids interested in craft by using these 5 1/4 inch blunt nose scissors which come in an attractive glitter handle.

Sharpener 3 Hole Barrel Plastic Good Quality


Displaying three different holes for ordinary, jumbo and super sharp, sharpening of pencil, this uniquely shaped jumbo sharpener makes a lovely buy.

Sharpener Blak Spiral Twist Pencil


Forget about breaking your pencil leads when sharpening them using the spiral twist pencil sharpener. Its specially designed curved blade prevents breaking of pencil leads. Ideal for students, artists, and professionals.

Sharpener With Pearl Eraser Grippa Premium


Find 2 useful stationery items in 1 – this colourful sharpener with rubber grip is ideal for precise sharpening of standard size pencils and comes equipped with a non-toxic, non-dust eraser.

Sharpener 2 Hole Plastic Barrel


A barrel shaped sharpener with double holes for sharpening pencils of different sizes. The barrel design ensures non-messy operation by trapping pencil dust inside.

Sharpener 2 Hole Aluminium and Metal


Double hole pencil sharpener featuring two sharp blades for maximum effect. Made of aluminium and metal, this durable item is designed to sharpen pencils of different sizes.

Eraser and Sharpener Metal Single Hole


A set of high quality eraser and a metal sharpener. Non-dust eraser that works gently to erase graphite marks without damaging paper. Single hole sharpener, fit for sharpening all types of pencils.

Stapler Full Strip Plastic Moderna 16 Sheet


Find it difficult to staple large documents? Then you need to get Statesman’s Mordena plastic stapler. This full-strip stapler can easily staple upto 16 pages of bond paper.

Stapler Full Strip Metal With Fixed Inner Channel


A precisely designed full strip metal stapler that has a fixed inner channel. Equipped with advanced technology, this stapler ensures accurate stapling action every time.

Stapler Half Strip Metal Classic 20 Sheet


Staple upto 20 sheets of paper without any fuss with Statesman’s Classic Metal Half Strip stapler. This half-strip stapler ensures all the sheets are kept firmly together.

Scooby String 20 Pack Rainbow


Make keychains, bracelets and a lot more with these colourful pack of 20 scooby strings. These will not only engage the young ones but will give enticing products.

Scooby String 20 Pack Glitter


Perfect gifts for kids who love DIY projects. This pack of 20 glitter scooby strings can be used for making earrings, bracelets and a lot more.

Decifix Roll 45cmx5m Clear Adhesive Roll


Easy to use, this clear self-adhesive roll will lend a neat look to the items it covers. Made of good quality material, this transparent clear roll is a worthy buy.

Tape Easy Tear Clear 1 Piece Carded Invisible Perforation


Featuring invisible perforated top pads for clean tear-out, this tape is easy to use and required no scissors to cut. This tape can be used to stick papers or boxes.

Math Set Harvard Budget 9 Piece


Solving your geometry problems becomes easy when you have this 9-piece Math tool set. This high-quality set is designed for durability and to ensure ease of use for the students.

Math Set S.m.s. Safer Math Set 11 Piece High Quality


Versatile geometry box containing 11 piece math set that enables you to complete your math task with ease. High quality, durable, and safe for use by school students.

Ruler Precision Geometry Set 4 Piece of 15cm


Perfect straight lines can be drawn with ease with the help of this good-quality geometry ruler. This professional ruler is light in weight and easy to use.

Ruler Precision Geometry Set 4 Piece of 20cm


Draw straight lines with perfection using this good-quality geometry ruler. This professional ruler is compact in size and can be carried with ease.

Skipping Rope Statesman


Give your body some exercise with this attractive and durable skipping rope. Use it daily to keep yourself fit and fine.

Whiteboard Eraser With Magnet New Assorted Colors


Use this easy to wipe Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser for a clean slate while the magnet ensures you never misplace it again. The eraser comes in 4 assorted colors.

Whiteboard Markers Blue Carded Single


A blue marker to write smoothly on your whiteboard and wipe off when needed. Comes in a pack of 1. Designed for long-lasting use.

Whiteboard Markers Green Carded Single


Premium whiteboard marker in bold green colour for consistent and smooth writing. Long lasting ink formula. Suitable for use at office or home.

Whiteboard A4 Magnetic Dry-wipe + whiteboard marker


An A4 size Dry-Wipe Whiteboard and whiteboard marker. Easy to write-on and wipe-off. Equipped with magnetic strips for easy clinging to metallic surfaces. Suitable for home or office use.

Whiteboard Wood Framed Heavy Duty 30 X 40 Cm


A sturdy white board with wooden frame. Ideal for all types of school or office purposes. Makes a great learning equipment for your kid. Comes in a compact size.

Zipper Bag Small


A versatile zipper bag of small size that easily fits inside your purse, bag, or drawer. Convenient for carrying around makeup items, loose documents, or other small stuff.

Zipper Bag A4 Medium 210mm X 293mm


Handy zipper bag that is large enough to carry your stationeries, makeup, or other essential items. This water-resistant bag ensures that your stuff remains safe inside.

Zipper Bag Large


Boasting of large size and high quality, this zipper bag embodies convenience and utility. You can stash your documents and other essential things inside it and easily carry it around.