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Colour Pencils Rubber with Sponge Grip 12 Pack


This pack of 12 coloured pencils come with colourful rubber grips and is specially designed for budding artists. These grips can also be used with other pens and pencils.

Colour Pencils Revolution


A pack of 12 eco-friendly plastic colour pencils with pre-sharpened tips. With their ultra-strong leads and chewing resistant bodies, these pencils ensure bright and smooth colouring effect.

Pencils Clutch Mechanical Pencil With Rubber Grip 0.5mm


A precisely designed mechanical pencil with chrome tip and rubber grip. Just press the button lightly for the fine 0.5 mm lead to advance automatically to ensure smooth, break-free writing.

Pencils Clutch High Quality Mechanical Pencil 0.7mm


Use this quality mechanical pencil with 0.7 mm lead for fine writing work. Designed for optimum writing pleasure, it features a triangular grip padded with rubber and a soft press-button to advance the lead automatically.

Pencils HB Lead for Clutch 0.5mm


Statesman box containing dark, high-quality, break-resistant HB lead for 0.5 mm clutch pencil. Good for fine, academic writing.

Pencils HB Clutch Lead 0.7mm


Dark, 0.7 mm HB quality lead with break resistance for continuous jet black lines. Use with Statesman mechanical clutch pencil for a pleasurable writing experience.

Pens Smooth Oil Gel 10 pack


Break free from the monotone with this pack of 10 colour gel pens. The tip ensures smooth and neat handwriting.

Pens Metal Tip 10s Black


Glide while you write with this pack of 10 metal tip ball point pens from Statesman. These black inked pens are made from good quality materials and do not leak.

Pens Supa Click Blue 2s


Showcasing premium ballpoint tip, this set of two pens make a worthy buy. These pens have an ergonomic shaft that offers a perfect grip while writing.

Pens Supa Click 2s Red


Write conveniently and comfortably using this set of two ballpoint pens. Featuring an ergonomic shaft, this pen set offers a perfect grip and sharp writing.

Pens Supa Click Black 2s


Experience high-quality writing with the help of these metal point tip pens. Lending a comfortable grip to your hands, these pens are light in weight.

Pens Oil Gel Black 10 pack


Smooth writing is assured when you buy this set of gel pens. Consisting of premium quality gel ink, this set has vivid colour for that precise writing output.

Pens Oil Gel Red 10 pack


A pack of 10 oil gel pens promising smooth writing experiences. Filled with free-flowing ink, it gives vivid colour to your words when you use it for writing.

Pens Oil Gel Blue 10 Pack


A pack of 10 oil gel pens with blue ink and 1.0 point tip. Features advanced ink delivery technique that ensures smooth writing experience. The special gel ink provides vivid colour.

Fineliners Supreme Quality Pouch of 12 Statesman


Set of 12 fine drawing pens featuring ultra-fine tips with 0.4 mm point. This pack contains pens with 12 vibrant colours. Easy to grip and smooth to use.

Permanent Black Markers 5 Pack Black


A set of five bullet-tip black markers featuring premium quality, non-toxic ink that instantly dries on paper. Can be used on multiple surfaces to create permanent lines.

Permanent Markers 5 Pack Assorted


A quintessential set of five assorted markers featuring a fine bullet tip for clean lines. Works on multiple surfaces for creating permanent marks using premium, fast-drying ink that is non-toxic and odour free.

Permanent Marker Blue Singles Carded New


A premium quality permanent marker with blue ink. Use it to mark your documents in a smooth and convenient manner. It dries up quickly and prevents smudging.

Permanent Marker Green Singles Carded New


This permanent marker with green ink is suitable for use on all kinds of surfaces. Keep it handy at home and office to resolve your marking worries.

Permanent Marker Red Singles Carded New


Go for this marker when you want to mark documents or any other item for long term. It comes with red ink and is smooth to use on almost all surfaces.

Pipe Cleaner 50pc


Here’s a pack of extremely functional pipe cleaners designed to ensure maximum effect. Made of high-quality materials, these colourful pipe cleaners come in 50-piece packs.

Wiggley Eyes 100pc


These wiggly eyes can elevate any arts and crafts project and take it to the next level. Funky and easy to use, these self-adhesive eyes come in 100 pieces pack.

Punch WEX 2 Hole


Sort your documents in classy ring binders. Punch holes with this punching machine. Just place your document and keep punching.

Punch WEX 2 Hole 8cm Mini 10 Sheet


Are you stuck with filing documents, this punching machine will make your task easier for you. This punching machine is compact and can punch holes in 10 sheets at once.

Punch WEX Compact 20 Sheet


Punch papers with ease using this two-hole punch machine. Ergonomically shaped, this punch machine is light in weight and convenient to use.

Loom Bands Per Packet


Bright and colourful loom bands that enables you to unleash your creativity. Weave these looms into bracelets, murals, figurines, and even charms.

Ruler Unbreakable Flexi Twist 30cm


A flexible ruler with an ability to endure the twist and turns that often occur during daily use. This unbreakable ruler is 30 cm in length and high in quality.

Scissor Lefty 133mm 5 1/4 Inch Small for Left Handed


Designed keeping the left-handed people in mind, these scissors promise precise and sharp cutting experience. The ergonomic shape offers a perfect grip.

Scissor Black Handle Office and Student 168mm High Quality


Your stationery is incomplete without these scissors. Featuring good quality stainless steel blades, these scissors offer precise cutting. The ergonomic handles lend the right grip.

Scissor Kiddy Assist Koopy Type


A cool pair of scissors that assists your kids to cut effortlessly. Comes with a special spring to ensure ease of use. Has space to label name and prevent losing it.

Scissors Mum’s Helping Hand


A specially designed pair of scissors with two pairs of grips. Enables the mother and child to grip and use the scissor together. Comes with a blunt nose for enhanced safety.

  • blunt nose
  • double handle helps
  • kids learn to cut by active assistance
  • by parent or teacher

Scissor Ambidextrous 140mm


It doesn’t matter whether you are left handed or right handed. You will be able to use this pair of ambidextrous scissors with efficiency and ease.