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Glue Craft, Wood & Project (Smily’s) 120ml


Are you a crafts and DIY enthusiast? This 120ml glue is very effective on all surfaces, be it wood or paper. It is safe for kids to use as well.

Glue Craft, Wood & Project (Smily’s) 250ml


Tired of the sticky mess that marks all your creative activities? The unique nozzle assembly will ensure mess-free crafts and the effective adhesive works on all surfaces.

Glue Craft, Wood & Project (Smily’s) 40ml


Make your crafts more fun with the small 40 ml bottle of powerful glue which can be used to stick paper, wood and other craft materials.

Glue Jumbo Tubes Large Liquid


Dual pack of liquid jumbo tube glue. A versatile product that provides a non-messy way to bond materials together. Specially formulated for maximum effect.

Chore and Reward Board With Magnets


Assign and Reward your child for finishing the household chores on this write and wipe board. Use any whiteboard marker.

Clay -12 Colours 200g Plasticine Modeling


Make out different shapes and create a fun filled environment for learning. Suitable for classroom teaching or playing at home, this pack has 12 different colours of clay bars.

Clay Buckets 8 Colour Plasticine Modeling


A bucket full of modelling clay pieces that ensure hours of creative pursuits or stress-busting activities. Suitable for children and adults alike. This bucket contains 8 bright coloured clay pieces.

Play Dough Blak High Quality Scented


This superior quality scented play dough ensures endless hours of creativity and fun for your kids. Their smooth texture allows your kids to create anything that they can imagine.

Oil Pastels 36 Colours


Your kid will love colouring when you get this break-resistant oil pastel colours. This assorted colour pack consists of 36 vibrant colours.

Oil Pastels 12 Colours


Oil pastel colour set featuring 12 bright colour sticks. Easy and smooth application. Thick diameter ensures higher coverage area. Appropriate for students and artists.

Oil Pastels 24 Colours


Oil pastel crayon set of 24 colours ranging from intense to delicate pastel shades. These crayons are easy to apply and offer smooth results. Great choice for students and artists.

Paint Brsuh 5 Piece Pinsel Brush Set 2, 4, 6


This set of five piece pinsel brushes has a combination of round and flat tip brushes. This is suitable for beginners.

Paint Brush Set Premium 24pc for Professionals


Premium set of 24 unique paint brushes to take care of all your painting needs. Compatible for use with oil and acrylic paints. Long handles that ensure ease of use.

Paint Brush Artist Set 10 Piece


Every artist deserves a set of professional paint brushes. This set consists of ten round tip paint brushes of different numbers.

Paint Brush Set 15 Piece Artist


This is a set of fifteen, round and flat tip, professional paint brushes. This is a must have for all the budding and professional artists.

Paint Brush Artist Set 12 Piece Flat Tip


Fill your art work with vibrant colours. This set of twelve, flat tip paint brushes are ideal for making big strokes.

Paint Brush Round Head Artist Brush Set 12 Piece


Every fine and detailed art work requires a premium quality art supplies and a lot of talent. This set of twelve, round tip paint brushes is ideal for artists.

Paint Brushe 15 piece Assorted


Colour your imagination with these assorted paint brushes from Statesman. The pack contains 15 brushes of different width and makes a perfect gift for a budding artist.

Paint Palette 10 Holes Round


Paint palette designed for comfort, comes with ten shallows holes for enhanced user experience. The optimum quality guarantees long-lasting life.

Finger Paints Acrylic Washable 4 Colours


4 Tubs of acrylic washable finger paints in assorted colours. Use them to unleash your imagination in a vibrant manner. Non-toxic and completely safe for use by even kids.

Paint Set 12 Jumbo Water Colour


A jumbo paint set of 12 water colours that offers limitless possibilities to mix colour and paint on your desired surface. High quality water paint that ensures smooth and vibrant results.

Paint Tubes Water in a Box 12 Colour


Introduce your kids to the wonders of art with this set of 12 watercolor paint set. These come in tubes and thus minimize wastage of colours.

Paint Tubes Acrylic 12 Colour


Art is a combination of imagination and efforts. Create yours effortlessly with these exquisite set of acrylic paint tubes which come in 12 brilliant colours.

Paint Tubes Oil 12 Colour


Step-up your artistic game with this set of 12 oil paints. This set includes the most vibrant colours to ensure that your work turns out as you imagined.

Poster Paints – 12 Colours Assorted in Gift Box


This handy carry case with 12 bright colours of poster paint is a must-have for all children that love to paint anywhere anytime.

  • high quality non-toxic washable poster paints in carry box.
  • 12 colours in a box

Pencil Case Denim 15cm


Zipper pencil pouch holds your stationery in one place. Made of premium quality and washable denim fabric, this standard size pouch features tough seams.

Pencil Case Pink Glitter Twin Zip


Absolutely gorgeous pink glitter pencil case. Comes with two zipped compartments to keep your stationery organized. Crafted out of premium quality material for durability and long-lasting use.

Pencil Case Zebra Print 15cm


This high quality pen and pencil pouch is a slender option to store your stationery items. It has a broad look but will prevent your stationery from getting lost.

Pencil Case Leopard Print


Featuring attractive leopard prints, this spacious pencil case is light in weight and compact in size. Secured by a zip closure, it is easy to carry.

Pencil Case Marz Double Sided Hard Box


Bring a smile on the lips of your kids with these brightly coloured pencil cases. These double sided cases are durable and designed to withstand daily wear and tear.

Pencil Case S.a Flag Design


Featuring the South African flag, this pencil case is compact in size but spacious enough to accommodate your child’s school supplies.

Pencil Case Army Camo Design


Classy pencil case with army camo design. It features a zipped compartment to store your stationery and prevent them from getting lost. Made out of superior quality material.