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Crayons Tri Shape Jumbo 12’s


This crayon pack consists of 12 jumbo crayons in assorted colours. Non-toxic in nature, they ensure smooth and vibrant colours. Features triangular grip for ease of use.

Crayons Twist Retractable Standard 12s


Set of 12 superior quality retractable wax crayons that ensure vibrant colours. These non-toxic crayons can be easily adjusted by turning the bottom of the cap.

Crayons Junior Finger Grip for toddlers


Designed keeping the tiny hands in mind, this crayon set of 12 vibrant colours offers a perfect grip. Easy to use, these crayons are meant for your kid.

Crayons 12 Pack Standard


A pack of 12 non-toxic wax crayons. These high quality crayons ensure smooth and brilliant colors. Lightweight and absolutely safe to use.

Crayons Mini Twist Retractable


A cute set of 8 mini crayons in vibrant colours. Designed with retractable technology, they are easy to use. Ensures many happy hours of colouring for your kids.

Crayons Super Jumbo Twist Retractable High Quality 12s


Simple to use, these crayons can be twisted to advance or retract. Crafted for the tiny hands, these vibrantly-coloured crayons are convenient to be held.

Crayons Standard Size 6s


Made of good quality material, these finest non-toxic wax crayons will keep your kid busy for long. Consisting of six vibrant colours, these wax crayons do not break easily.

Dictionary Oxford English 4rd Edition


Ideal gift for children between the age 8-12, this 3rd edition Oxford dictionary holds all the words your child will encounter. Build their vocabulary with this perfect gift.

Dictionary Oxford Afr/eng 4rd Edition


Encourage your kid to become billingual by learning one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, English. Help them learn new words with this Afrikaan to English dictionary.

Erasers 3 Pack Blak High Quality


A pack of three fine quality erasers that can easily remove graphite marks without your applying much pressure. Say no to paper tears or smudges with these erasers!

Erasers 2 Pack 2 Tone Colour


A twin pack of dual tone colour erasers. Made out of high quality plastic PVC material, these erasers work to wipe away all types of graphite marks in a jiffy.

Eraser 94mm X 40mm Super Jumbo


A jumbo size eraser to easily get rid of graphite marks on paper. This high quality eraser ensures dust-free erasing activity. Lightweight, non-toxic, and quick action.

School Books Exam Pad 80 Sheet Punched


Premium quality exam paper pad. It has 80 leaflets and is very easy to use, just tear the punched leaf and carry on writing.

School Books A5 Feint and Margin 32 Page


Time for stocking school supplies? Do not forget to buy these A5 excercise notebooks. The paperback notebooks contain 32 pages and are ideal for school children.

School Books A5 Feint and Margin 48 Page


Statesman’s A5 size 48 pages excercise notebooks are a must-buy for every student. These A- grade notebooks are ideal for writing with pen or pencil.

School Books Exam Pad 100 Sheet Punched


Take out the stress from Exam time with Statesman’s Exam Pads. These exam pads contain 100 super grade quality punched sheets for extra smooth writing.

School Books A4 2 Quire Feint and Margin Hard Cover 192pg


Make every word count by writing in these classic Quire A4 notebooks. These 192 pg hardcover notebooks come with strong center binding and glossy paper finish.

School Books 2 quire A4 Hard Cover Quad and Margin 192 pg


This A4 Quire quad and margin Exercise Book is center stitched for extra durability. This Counter Book comes standard with a hardcover and contains 192 pages.

School Books A4 3 Quire Feint and Margin Hard Cover 288 Page


Lending a name and subject space, this book offers easy labelling. Furthermore, every page has ruled lines and a red ruled margin to offer a neat look to your work.

School Books A4 3 Quire Quad and Margin Hard Cover 288 page


Write on the best quality paper with A4 quad and margin hard cover notebooks. These highly durable notebooks comprise of 288 pages and are great for school or college purpose.

School Book A5 Index Manuscript Hard Cover 192 Page


Make school time memorable with these A5 size index manuscript hard cover notebooks. These sturdy and hard bound notebooks are great for students.

School Books A5 17mm Ruled 48 Pg


Practice mathematics and a lot more in this A5 size exercise book. It contains 48 ruled pages with 17mm rulings.

School Books A5 Irish and Margin Soft Cover 72 Page


Featuring ruled lines and a red ruled margin, this book helps to lend a neat look to your work. The name and subject space on the cover offers easy identification.

School Books A5 Feint and Margin 72pg


Enjoy school work with these Feint and Margin A5 excercise notebooks. These 72 pgs notebooks contain smooth quality paper ard make writing enjoyable.

School Books A4 Quad and Margin Soft Cover 32 Page


Taking down notes will be simple when you choose this exercise book. Featuring ruled lines and a red ruled margin, this exercise book will help you keep your work neat.

School Books A4 4 Quire Feint and Margin Hardcover 384 page


These 4 Quire Feint and Margin hardcover notebooks contain 384 superior quality pages. This well bounded counter notebook can be used for multi purposes.

School Books A4 Unruled Soft Cover 72 Page


Write down your notes in this high-quality exercise book. The label on its cover lets you write down your name and other details to prevent the book from getting misplaced.

School Books A4 17mm Ruled 72 Pg


This high quality ruled s A4 notebook contains 72 pages. Each is marked with margin and feigned with full page lines ruled 17mm apart. Ideal for large script.

School Books A4 Quad and Margin Book 72 Pg


If you are mad about maths then get your hands on this 72 pg A4 Quad and Margin Notebook. This checked paperback notebook is ideal for school children.

School Books A4 8mc Creditors Journal Soft Cover 72 Page


Keep your accounts up to date with this soft cover 8 column creditors journal. The notebook is easy to carry and contains 72 A4 size pages.