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Large 120 Bead Abacus


A colorful bead abacus designed out of high quality plastic. This large size abacus features 120 attractive beads. Enables your child to learn counting in an easy and fun-filled manner.

Apron Super Weave High Quality Washable


Perfect for any creative type, this high quality super weave apron is totally washable. An apron for every easle

Library Bag 600d Black High Quality


Love visiting the library? Take along this black library bag to carry your books in a safe and comfortable manner. It boasts of a high quality construction that ensures durability.

Library Bag 600d Blue High Quality


This A4 size spacious library bag is all that you need when carrying books to and from the library. Its superior quality offers protection against wear and tear.

Library Bag Large Funky Colours Euro Quality.


Make sure that you carry your books carefully and conveniently by opting for this printed library bag. The short handles offer easy portability.

Chairbag Denim Imported European Quality


Showcasing denim construction, these heavy duty chair bags are ideal for primary or pre-school use. The imported quality ensures durability and long-lasting use.

Chairbag Washable Black and Blue


Utilise space by using this chair back bag for storing your essentials such as diaries and other stationery at the back of your favourite chair.

Zipper Bag PVC Blue Zip High Quality


Designed with an attractive blue zip, this PVC zipper bag is high on functionality. It comes handy for storing documents in an organized manner in your office or home.

Zipper Bag PVC Red Zip High Quality


High quality PVC zipper bags with red zip and borders. These handy zipper bags can be used in your home or office for versatile uses.

Library Bags 340mmx250mm Super Weave Instant Washable


Keep your child’s borrowed books safe while traveling from school and back. This super weave library bag is made from best quality plastic and is instant washable.

Calculator Tax Functional 12 Digit


Easy to use calculator for all your tax calculations. This calculator is all about accuracy as it displays results up to 12 decimal digits.

Calculator Basic 8 Digit


8 Digit hand-held, easy-to-use calculator. Boasts of big display, attractive design, and durable rubber keys. Suitable for use by students as well as professionals and businessmen.

Calculator Scientific EL531


Featuring a two-line graphic screen, this battery operated calculator gives a 5×7 dot matrix display. It uses the ‘Advanced DAL’ technology, which makes it easy to key in algebraic equations.

Chalk White Pack of 12


Let your kids express their creativity on a chalkboard with this pack of 12 white chalks. It works on all surfaces and gives a smooth finish.

Chalk Colour 12’s


Bring out the creativity of your child by letting them use these colourful chalks. This pack of 12 colourful chalks can be used at home or at school.

Chalk Giant Pavement


Let your kids express their creativity with these chunky and giant pavement chalks. These can also be used on blackboard and are very easy for your young ones to use.

Chalkboard Eraser Junior


Easy to grip and hold, this chalkboard eraser is suitable for kids of age groups 3 and above. This junior blackboard eraser will let them erase conveniently.

Chalkboard Eraser Kiddie Comfort


Crafted for the tiny humans to express their creativity and genius on a blackboard, this chalkboard eraser lets them erase with ease. The dimensions will enable a firm grip.

Whiteboard/Chalkboard 2 in 1 A4 Size for Kids


A double-sided board that makes learning so much fun for your kid. Features blackboard on one side and white board on the other. Comes in A4 size for easy handling.

Chalkboard Double Sided School Slate Blackboard With Plastic Frame A4 Size


Make learning fun for your kid with this double sided slate blackboard. Features check guides on one side and plain on the other. Lightweight and provides a better grip.

Chalkboard Wood Framed 30 X 40 Cm


Ensure hours of learning and fun for your child with this sturdy chalk board. Featuring a wood frame, this chalkboard boasts of a compact size.

Chalkboard A4 Pencil Slate (Use Normal Pencil and Eraser) BARGAIN!!!!!!!


A specially constructed A4 size pencil slate board that enables you to write on it with a pencil and clear off with an eraser. Comes with a lined front and checked back.

Correction Tape


Correcting your mistakes is easy now. This correction tape enables you to rectify your mistakes in a neat and smooth manner. Its dry application allows you to write over instantly.

Correction Pen Bulb Fluid-ex Premium Quick Dry


A premium quality white correction pen to cover small mistakes on paper neatly. A bubble grip makes it convenient to handle this pen for precise application. Fast dry formula for ease of application.

Clay Blak Waxy Doodle Sticks (same as Clay)special Offer


Let your child create interesting doodle with the help of these doodle sticks. Available in different colours, this set is easy to use.

Crayons Tri Shape Standard 12’s


A pack of standard crayons that assure vibrant colours for your artworks. Features triangular grip for easy handling and application. Non-toxic and safe to use.

Crayons Super Jumbo 12 Pack


A set of 12 jumbo size wax crayons exhibiting finest quality. With 14mm size, these non-toxic crayons are easy to grasp and control. Results in vibrant colours.

Crayons 48 Pack Standard


Pack of 48 crayons boasting of finest quality and vibrant colours. These non-toxic wax crayons are long lasting and feature a mix of primary and secondary colours.