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Chalkboard wall sticker rolls 2m Peel and dispose


Self Adhesive Chalkboard peel and stick decal

Want to get super creative? Always have an idea on your mind and hate to lose that thought without jotting it down? Are you tired of having the kids draw on the walls or going through reams of paper while making messes? Here is the perfect solution to all these problems. Turn any smooth surface into a blackboard: simply cut into the desired size and attach to walls or cupboards. This is perfect for kids rooms and kitchens

includes 5 pieces of chalk

Paint in a Brush Set 12 Piece (ideal for gifts)


This pack of brightly coloured paintbrushes comes pre-loaded with water-based acrylic paint and is the ideal gift for children who love to paint ANYWHERE! All brushes can be refilled. The paint is non-toxic and easily washes out should artistic messes happen.

Paint Palette 10 Holes Round


Paint palette designed for comfort, comes with ten shallows holes for enhanced user experience. The optimum quality guarantees long-lasting life.

Face Paint in South African Colours


Do up your face in bright South African colours with this face paint. This face paint is safe to use and ideal for first time users as well as professionals.

Finger Paints Acrylic Washable 4 Colours


4 Tubs of acrylic washable finger paints in assorted colours. Use them to unleash your imagination in a vibrant manner. Non-toxic and completely safe for use by even kids.

Paint Set 12 Jumbo Water Colour


A jumbo paint set of 12 water colours that offers limitless possibilities to mix colour and paint on your desired surface. High quality water paint that ensures smooth and vibrant results.

Paint Tempera Brown 400ml


Ideal to be used as finger paint or as poster paint, this one is safe for your child. This paint has a smooth consistency which makes it easy to use.

Number 350 Cerulean Lake Blue Acrylic Paint


Create your next masterpiece using this cerulean lake blue acrylic colour. This colour has the reference number 350 for future purchase.

Number 810 Metallic Silver Professional Acrylic Paint


This metallic silver acrylic paint will impart a metallic gleam to your masterpiece. Use this versatile paint on any surface including wood.

Paint Tubes Water in a Box 12 Colour


Introduce your kids to the wonders of art with this set of 12 watercolor paint set. These come in tubes and thus minimize wastage of colours.

Paint Tempera White 400ml


Crafted especially for kids, this tempera paint is safe and can be used as both finger paint and poster paint.

Paint Tubes Acrylic 12 Colour


Art is a combination of imagination and efforts. Create yours effortlessly with these exquisite set of acrylic paint tubes which come in 12 brilliant colours.

Paint Tubes Oil 12 Colour


Step-up your artistic game with this set of 12 oil paints. This set includes the most vibrant colours to ensure that your work turns out as you imagined.

Poster Paints – 12 Colours Assorted in Gift Box


This handy carry case with 12 bright colours of poster paint is a must-have for all children that love to paint anywhere anytime.

  • high quality non-toxic washable poster paints in carry box.
  • 12 colours in a box

Glitter Paint 500ml Purple Large


The more glitter, the better. This large 500 ml bottle of purple glitter paints is ideal to be used with any and every crafts project. It can be used over cloth and is easily washable.

Glitter Paint Pink Large 500ml


Every thing that glitters looks adorable. Get this large bottle of pink glitter paint for your next crafts assignment. This bottle contains 500 ml of paint.