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Paint Brushes

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Paint Brush #12 Goat Hair Flat Tip


Produced with goat hair bristles, this size 12 flat tip paint brush will lend a textured finish to your master stroke.

Paint Brush #12- Goat Hair Round Tip


This high quality #12 goat hair paint brush is prepared for professional artists. The thickness of this paint brush will hold a lot of paint to enable you to continue painting for a long time without stopping.

Paint Brsuh 5 Piece Pinsel Brush Set 2, 4, 6


This set of five piece pinsel brushes has a combination of round and flat tip brushes. This is suitable for beginners.

Paint Brush Set Premium 24pc for Professionals


Premium set of 24 unique paint brushes to take care of all your painting needs. Compatible for use with oil and acrylic paints. Long handles that ensure ease of use.

Paint Brush Artist Set 10 Piece


Every artist deserves a set of professional paint brushes. This set consists of ten round tip paint brushes of different numbers.

Paint Brush Set 15 Piece Artist


This is a set of fifteen, round and flat tip, professional paint brushes. This is a must have for all the budding and professional artists.

Paint Brush Artist Set 12 Piece Flat Tip


Fill your art work with vibrant colours. This set of twelve, flat tip paint brushes are ideal for making big strokes.

Paint Brush Round Head Artist Brush Set 12 Piece


Every fine and detailed art work requires a premium quality art supplies and a lot of talent. This set of twelve, round tip paint brushes is ideal for artists.

Paint Brush #7 – Goat Hair


Do not compromise with #7 round tip paint brush which is prepared from goat hair to impart smooth finish to your art work.

Paint Brush #7 – Goat Hair


Get short, controlled strokes full of colour with this #7 paint brush. This brush is crafted with goat hair for the smoothest appearance.

Paint Brush #6 – Goat Hair


We understand that you make no comprommises when it comes to your art supplies. Use this premium quality #6 brush with round tip. The brush is prepared with original goats hair.

Paint Brush Round Tip #7


Painting will be fun and convenient when you use this paint brush. Light in weight, this paint brush has good quality bristles that offer flawless look to your work.

Paint Brush #8 Goat Hair Flat Tip


Illustrate your artistic vision with this #8 flat tip paint brush. The long handle is made of wood and is suitable for painting on large canvases.

Paint Brush #8 – Goat Hair Round Tip


Paint like a professional with this #8, round tip paint brush. Made from goat hair, this brush will give best results with oil and acrylic colours.

Paint in a Brush Set 12 Piece (ideal for gifts)


This pack of brightly coloured paintbrushes comes pre-loaded with water-based acrylic paint and is the ideal gift for children who love to paint ANYWHERE! All brushes can be refilled. The paint is non-toxic and easily washes out should artistic messes happen.

Glitter Paint 500ml Blue Large


This 500 ml of blue glitter paint comes in an easy to squeeze bottle making them ideal for your kids to use without spilling the paint everywhere.

Paint Brushe 15 piece Assorted


Colour your imagination with these assorted paint brushes from Statesman. The pack contains 15 brushes of different width and makes a perfect gift for a budding artist.

Paint Brush #6 Flat tip


Make a masterpiece using this flat tip #6 paint brush from Statesman. The brush comes with a long handle for easy strokes and is made of high-quality bristles.

Paint Brush #7 Flat tip


Paint your dreams on paper with this high-quality flat tip #7 paint brush from Statesman. This brush is ideal for coloring with acrylic colors and features premium bristles.