Charcoal Sticks

Charcoal Sticks

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Charcoal Sticks Artist – Thin 3-4mm Sml


Pack of 12 willow artist charcoal sticks (3-4mm). Velvety smooth strokes with rich colour. Coveted tool for fine artists to employ in their finest sketches.

Charcoal Sticks Artist – Medium 5-6mm


Pack of 12 willow artist charcoal sticks with medium thick nib (5-6mm). Creates smooth strokes for that perfect work of fine art.

Charcoal Sticks Artist – Thick 7-9mm Large


Pack of 12 large willow artist charcoal sticks with 7-9mm thick nib. Useful for creating art pieces that require thick, bold strokes.

Charcoal Sticks Cedar Wood Artist 3-4mm Thick


These 3-4 mm thick cedar wood artist charcoal sticks are ideal for a charcoal artwork. These can be used to create a detailed sketch.

Charcoal Stick Cedar Wood Artist


This set includes 12 charcoal sticks, each of 7-9mm diameters. Thick charcoal sticks are suitable for giving a soft and velvety finish to your work.

Charcoal Sticks Cedar Wood Artist 5-6mm Thick


Explore the oldest form of arts with these cedar wood charcoal sticks. These 5-6 mm sticks will reap extraordinary results.

Charcoal Pencils Woodless 175mm 12 Piece


12 Piece pack of woodless charcoal pencils of three grades: soft, medium, and hard. An exceptional set for use of artists, students, and architects.