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Art and Craft

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Apron Super Weave High Quality Washable


Perfect for any creative type, this high quality super weave apron is totally washable. An apron for every easle

Canvas A1 -841mm X 594mm Stretched


Paint your imagination in vibrant colours on this stretched A1 size canvas board. It is prepared with 100% cotton and equipped with rot free properties.

Canvas A1 Deep Edge Stretched


Made of high-quality material, this stretchable square canvas is rot and warp resistant. Featuring expandable joints, this canvas can be re-tensioned over time.

Canvas Flat Panel 297 X 210 mm A4 Students


Featuring deep edge, this high-quality square canvas is easy to use. It is meant for both school and office purpose.

Canvas A0 -1189mm X 841mm Stretched


Art is 80% effort and 20% material. Get your 20% sorted with this stretched canvas made up of pure cotton.

Canvas A5 -210mm X 148mm Stretched


A5 size stretched cotton canvas board is ideal for artists and beginners. Carry it to art classes without the hassle of stretching canvases.

Canvas A4 -297mm X 210mm Stretched


Suitable for acrylic and oil colours, this A4 size stretched canvas is crafted from pure cotton. It also has antifungal properties to protect your creation from wear and tear.

Canvas A3 -420mm X 297mm Stretched


Create your next masterpiece on this stretched A3 size canvas board. It is very useful for carrying outdoors.

Canvas A2 -594mm X 420mm Stretched


Inspired by Bob Ross? Experience “the joy of painting” yourself, with this A2 size, stretched cotton canvas board.

Canvas Roll 2.1m X 10m (60098278662)


Fine quality canvas roll of 2.1m x 10m size. This canvas roll features an even texture and can be customized easily into required size. Meant for use by students and artists.

Canvas 800mm X 800 Mm Square Deep Edge Stretched


Stretched canvas made of pure cotton, with deep edges that hold it in proper shape. Can be used with acrylic, oil paints, and other mediums. Easy to frame and use.

Canvas A2 841 X 594 mm Deep Edge Stretched


Created especially for the artist, this double edge square stretched canvas is ideal for both school and office use.

Canvas Roll of quality 1.6m X 10m


Designed for artists, this roll of canvas boasts premium quality. It can be easily cut into customized sizes as per requirement. Easy to frame as well.

Canvas 450mm X 450 mm Square Deep Edge Stretched


Square shaped cotton stretched canvas with deep edges that prevent sagging. Suitable for artists using oil, acrylic, and other mediums to express their creativity. 450mm x 450 mm size.

Canvas 600mm Square Deep Edge Stretched


Pure cotton stretched canvas of 600mm x 600mm size. Boasts of deep edges that checks sagging. Makes a great choice for paintings using various mediums, like acrylic, oil,

Canvas Panorama Stretched


Here’s a blank canvas that is stretched and ready for you to unleash your creativity. Perfect for paintings using acrylics or oils. Suitable for painters and painting students.

Easel Canvas Stand Adjustable Alluminium (ideal for beginner artist)


Adjust your canvas according to your convenience with this adjustable canvas stand. Make the finest piece of artwork without any discomfort.